Who is a leader? 6 points to prove the argument!

Leaders are not born they are made. This is the quality which is times immortal


Needless to say that we see leaders in every part and moment of our life.

A leader is the master of the ship. He is decisive and he knows where he is going. His goals and purposes are well clearly defined.


Not only in the military but a simple school program or a small local team for a particular sport will witness leaders.

Well, without much ado let me come to the point of discussion for today.


Needless to say that all tasks can not be done alone if you are working in a team. Hence, let me make it clear that if a person is able to integrate all members together for a common goal then he or she is a great leader.


In the world of total ambiguity, a true leader knows how to make people integrated for a common goal and mission.

It is obvious that some of the team members are rebellious at times and we can witness some of them in our daily life too.

But the art of leadership is to manage them.


Loyalty is hard to find, and most often people surpass this value.

Loyalty can not be demanded, it is always earned. 


Hence, in my consideration, a leader shall be loyal to their team members and he must make such an environment which inspires other teammates to show loyalty too.

And let me make it clear that if you are someone who has got the leadership position for the first time and a new project to go, then please keep in mind that ‘First impression is the last impression

If people in your team see or observe that you are incapable or someone who is trying to overrule (autocratic) them then better be aware next time.

It will become difficult for you to deal with them. Because it is a common human tendency that, regardless we say that people change; we shall give them another chance. BUT in reality, our human brain is programmed not to do so.

Believe me, I have some good examples to prove my argument.

It will be a time waste to mention them over here.

But in a nutshell, if you are loyal toward your work and the team you are leading then in return the loyalty of your teammates will also be seen back automatically. 


Delegating is the art of leadership. Tell to yourself that you can not do all the tasks alone.

Even if you can, I suggest you must not do so. The reason is that it wastes your precious time.


Some people may be better or maybe they can learn and do that task. Therefore it is my advice that delegating the task is necessary.

So, in this aspect only, what you can do is that you must allocate all the tasks against the name of the team members.

A tabular form of task allocation works best in my case because it deletes the factor of confusion and conflict of task distribution. One this to note here is that it looks beautiful also.

ADVANTAGE OF DELEGATING: It gives you more time to think about the execution and the management of the work which makes the execution in synergy.


Audacity is the keyword for effective leaders. It is the willingness to take a bold risk.

In other words, it is the boldness or the daring attitude or the fearlessness or COURAGE in a nutshell.


I have experienced this. I remember some years ago when I was in high school.

I was attending a practical class in the lab and all of a sudden my class teacher came to us and she was searching for another guy who was supposed to give the speech the very next day in the morning at 7am.

The guy who was supposed to give the speech was absent on that day. I was the boy sitting in the very first position. She looked at me and she ordered me, ‘be ready tomorrow, you have to give the speech.

Oh my God….1

I was terrified at that moment.

Believe me, my legs started shaking. This was because at that time I was a very shy fellow and the speech was to be delivered among a crowd of around 2000+ individuals.

I said yes to the teacher because I never said no to anybody. Especially when the person is a teacher.

Well, I came home and I took my food.

Immediately I went to my desk and started preparing for the speech.

I wrote several drafts and recited them before at least 50 times. “Yes”, seriously 50 times.

I had one thing in mind I must be brave enough to face the humongous crowd tomorrow else it will be a great mockery of me.

It was AUDACITY and nothing else which made my speech a success that day.

I had an attitude that I am going to win over my fears and people in front are not all perfect.

Following the note that: No one is perfect!

Hence, my meaning in saying this is that - be bold in taking decisions as a leader because in the end as a leader you are going to be responsible for the success or the failure of the project.


I see some of the leaders promising to give some gifts are part after the event is concluded successfully.

All are waste …! (Although they may work in some cases if the event was something really so special worth it)


But I have something special than that.

And the good news is that it costs nothing.

“Yes”, it is APPRECIATION. According to my experience, I have discovered that this is a more powerful tool than giving money or any materialistic gift in return.

In my opinion, appreciation affects the same portion of the brain where materialistic gifts are conceived.

And team-mates do consider you as a great leader as well.

If you give some gift now and then you don’t give the gift next time, people take it negatively and consider the task as a burden.

But believe me, appreciation is a powerful tool and that too it costs nothing.



Teamwork is like a ship of which you are the captain.

It is something that swims and sinks together.


Remember there is only an 80% chance of the success of a task. No matter what - you, with your team, shall try 100% to execute the task.

Your success must not be a one man’s credit. You shall say we all did it. It was ‘us’ who made it successful and eventually this will gain you respect.

BUT… What if you fail? There are chances that you might fail in the work you have taken as a team.

Now is the time to show true leadership.

Take the responsibility for the failure alone. Consider that all was your fault.

This will make you a complete leader. And believe me, even your enemies will start respecting you.


Believe me, leadership is a subject which can be written in an endless manner. Personally, leadership is my favourite topic.

What do you think about it do tell me in the comment box below?