Importance of Hierarchy - Here it is!

No matter what so ever the organization may be, keeping a hierarchy is inevitable.

However, it goes without saying that a Hierarchy makes the business take an autopilot mode. 

Take an example of any organization and the fact will be well proved out.

Well, today we are going to dive into the topic of the importance of Hierarchy to understand why we need one in our business and why I prefer this as the basic pillar of any successful, autopilot, and grand business.

Inter alia, we will also see some best examples of companies, and how we can get inspiration from them to adopt in own system.

There is no harm in ransacking good things from others in our own execution, which may bring success to us.

Ultimately we live in a competitive world.

I will try to be a briefer so that you don’t waste much of your precious time reading the article and rather you can use that time in adopting these steps in your business.

So, let's begin!

What is Hierarchy?


Well, I define Hierarchy as:

“A system that controls other system in a self sustainable manner without much owners intervention”

Hmm…. ‘A system’s control over the other systems.

This has a special meaning.

To be more accurate, keep patience.

Let me explain.

It’s simple. It follows a flow chart and the manner is such that one above controls the system located just below it, and the next below system controls the next which is inferior to them.

This cycle continues as far as the authority is concerned.

I mean that it should be an obligation of the below authority to follow the orders of the one above.

Unless it is an obligation of the below authority, it's almost next to impossible to make the business an autopilot one, hence following a hierarchy.

Where do we find a hierarchy?



Tell me in the comment box below where do we not find a hierarchy?

And I am pretty sure, you won’t find any.

Because none such exists!

Even if you take an example of a family you will see that there must be an elder person who will be the head of the family.

This head is the final decision maker of the family. And the rest below them owe to him and it’s their obligation to follow what the head has ordered.

We do go for some common consensus, in certain matters in a house.

Similarly, in day to day operation of any company/business/organization what so ever it may be.

I bet… They follow the same pattern.

Without much ado let’s dive into the core of the matter today.


Be decisive while choosing the right door

Not being it a discretionary measure, we shall always try to make decisions which give us success in return.

Well, in a world where competition is at the topmost level we need a system (hierarchy) that is self-sustainable to execute the task rightfully.

We must make sure that people sitting on the top of the pyramid shall make decisions that are true in meaning and out of the box in thinking.

This is only possible when we follow a particular hierarchy that determines the purpose of our task.


Discipline can bring fortune
Notwithstanding other factors but being disciplined has proved itself to be one of the deciding factors in order to achieve success.

Not only it can bring profits but also can bring massive success in any aspect.

But to implement discipline there is a need for a hierarchy that controls the system.


Work gets done on time

A proper hierarchy compels the employees or the people in the system to execute the task as per the need and requirement, on time.

Hence, punctuality may be gained.

There is an old quote, “You respect time, so the time respects you


The collective effort brings success closer

Assiduously a task done in teamwork following a particular hierarchy is nothing but a collective effort.

A group of people have come together to full fill the needs and requirements to win over the work.

Hence, it should be kept in mind that on the success of the task, the credit shall be shared with all the team members.

This promotes a sense of integrity and oneness.

The point to be noted here is that a good leader always gives credit for the success to the other team members, while if failure happens he/she takes responsibility.

Ultimately making everyone proud of their hard work.


Hence, growth is inevitable

Needless to say, if all the events go well in a system led by the people who are good at managing things.

Hence following a particular hierarchy, then success is inevitable.

Growth is a phenomenon that takes time and effort. However, it goes without saying that, a hierarchy led by great minds brings massive success.


In a nutshell, we can conclude that a hierarchy is the sole decisive factor to determine the success or the failure of the organization/business/ teamwork etc.

Hence, we shall make sure that a particular reasonable and sensible hierarchy is inducted into the working of the company.

Well, what do you think about it?