How to start building assets - Here is the Formula!

From the content creators perspective, I must make it transparent that there is no such one night scheme that can make a person rich/wealthy.

How to start building assets and how to build assets that is solid
How to strat building assets that gain solid returns!

Building asset is a slow, solid and gradual process.

It's our misfortune that we live in a society where we are not at all taught about financial education especially in our school days.

In my opinion, it is done purposely so that we will have a middle class in our society and they will be the ones who will pay the most taxes.

Just kidding ….!😂😎

Even I am not super-wealthy in order to give you wisdom on how to create wealth over time. But I am someone who is like-minded, and every day I am learning new things which can or are bringing change in my life.

So you can feel free and undoubted while reading this article on asset building.

So, let's begin the journey of understanding what is an asset? How we can create assets? Types of assets? Who can own an asset? And how can we scale our assets in long term? And many more…!

Let's begin our journey towards financial education on assets.

Well, my basic definition of an asset is anything, anything whether it is physical, abstract or an object which adds a valve to something which you hold. It is not a one day process. It takes time to do so.

Whether it be financial institutions, banks, companies, schools, individuals or most importantly governments, all needs assets.

And the truth is that anythings valued in the world is based on assets.

Especially our banking system is purely based on the basis of asset calculation.

No matter which county you belong to.

For example, when you go to the bank in order to take a loan. A simple process will be followed, they will ask about your assets and basically, they will try to figure out your worth.

And yes, in most of case they will ask you to submit the majority of your assets in order to keep them as the security deposit against your loan amount.

So, I am pretty confident that by now I am able to explain to you what is an asset and how important it is!

All right, now it's my responsibility to mention all the assets that come on the list. So they are :

1. Cash [cash the king]

2. Gold

3. Silver

4. Land

5. Intellectual properties

6. Patents

7. Investments

8. Stocks

9. Office buildings

10. Saving account

11. Bonds

12. Personal Ownerships [that benefits you]

13. Rental properties [Ah… the best one]

14. Building

15. Machinery

16. Equipment

17. Trademarks

18. Copyrights

19. Licence and permits

20. STI [Short term investments]

Hmm… these are the list of some of the assets. No, doubt! The sky is the limit. There are many more.

I Reiterate anything that adds value over time is an asset. So, even your car can be an asset.

Yes, if you rent your car then it can be your asset. Else it will depreciate its value over years. According to a report a car deprecates its value by 20% every single year.

So, take decisions wisely.

Now, let’s discuss these assets in detail. But I am pretty confident that by now you must have understood that how important it is to focus on building assets.


“Cash is the king”


Well, money which is in the form of paper notes or coins is regarded as cash.

Cash is the most liquid type of asset. The fact is that all the transaction in today's world is only possible because of cash, whether it be a bank transfer UPI, Cheque or any online bank transfer.

No matter no physical cash is being used but, ultimately cash is deducted from your bank account.

Up next …


Gold and Silver is the best investment
Gold and Silver

Well, these are commodities. These are some of the assets which have proved the test of time.

I am pretty sure you are also interested in it and must have invested in it earlier.

Even I do.

It's my personal opinion that the commodities such as gold and silver should be part of every investor's portfolio. As these are some of the best assets.

For example, let's the image below. I have taken this screenshot from google.

Gold rate

Hmm… Impressive, you can check it yourself too.

Hence, it shall not be wrong to regard gold as the currency of god. It has proved itself in the long run.



Invest your money in buying land
Invest your money in buying land, because no one can produce it!

Hmm… land is one of the investments or rather an asset that is considered safest.


Let me make it very clear that you can’t have it for less money. But if you have large stacks of money then definitely go for it.

Depending on your country it varies. The only similarity in every country is that they can’t produce more land.

Are you getting it?

I mean to say that demand is increasing as the population is increasing but the supply is limited, it can’t be increased by integrating mars with earth.

You are smarter enough to understand what I am trying to say!

Cheers…! Let go ahead…


Intellectual Properties

Well, intellectual properties are an invention, idea, creation or property that someone has made himself and the law protects them so that other people can’t misuse them.

I will write a separate article on intellectual properties, to explain it in detail. Since many sections and subsections need to be covered.

I will also explain how to register your intellectual ideas? &  how the complete process is done?

But for time being I am explaining to you some of its key points as a summary here. I believe it will give you a very brief idea of this asset.

So, basically, there are three types of intellectual properties.

1. Patents

2. Copyrights

3. Trademark

Let me explain each!

Patents Copyrights and Trademarks
Types of Intellectual Properties


A patent is the protection of inventions that are novel, original and industrial utility. 

This is valid for 20 years starting from the day the application is first made.

It is also a territorial right and therefore it is effective only within the territory of the registered state [Country].

Separate patents are required to be filed for each country where protection is required.

Patents secure inventions that are useful for the world. For example - New invention in a pharmaceutical company.

The owner can stop anyone else from claiming right over a particular patent the moment he applies for a provisional patent.


Copyrights © is the protection of original creative expression like literary works, artistic works, dramatic works etc.

It is valid for the lifetime of the author + 60 years after his/her death.

Copyright secure creative or intellectual creations.

Exclusive rights over the copyright are created the moment the authorship creates the work.

No provisional application may be required.

No symbiotic representation to show registration.


Trademark is the protection of a unique name that makes a brand distinct from others.

It can include name, slogans, logo, shape, colour etc.

It is valid for 10 years can be made perpetual by renewing the trademark every 10 years.

Unlike patents, it is also territorial in nature and should be filed separately in each state you are interested to protect your brand in.

Well, trademark secures branding under which products and services are sold.

Once the trademark gets registered the applicant of the mark claim complete rights over the said mark.

Hmm… registration usually takes 12 to 18 months.

I hope you have understood the power and value of the intellectual property.


“The best investment you can do is on yourself”

Investments to grow your assets
Invest to grow your money!

Well, these are words of Warren Buffet, the man who is worth more than $ 104.1 Billion. And he is so true.

When you will enter into the world of investment you will notice that Sky is the Limit.

Wisdom and wealth go side by side.

A well knowledgeable person can make 10X wealth and at a faster rate compared to a person who follows others advice.

Don’t be naive!

Don’t get fooled and persuaded by the social media gurus.

Invest in yourself. Try learning new every day and yes is there to help you always. On this website, you will get knowledgeable updates frequently.

Anyways… basically there are many forms of investments.

1. Stocks

2. Bonds

3. Mutual funds

4. Bank products

5. Options

6. Retirement investments

7. PF accounts

8. Alternative and complex products

9. Insurances


Rental Properties
Rental Properties

Well, this is my favourite. It can be anything. For example a car, an office building, house, bus, shipbuilding, machinery etc.

These all are assets and the safest ones too.

Let me give you a practical example.

If a person X has a piece of land and it is vacant. So, now he gets an idea.

He constructed a complex building.

And he made different shops in it. He also made parking lots and even residential flats.

All are integrated into the same land.

Now that particular property of his has become a money-making machine for him.

How…? yes, just because along with the cost of the land the building is also earning him a decent amount of rent or cash.

It's called cash flow in technical terms.

Now, he has many options. He can even register it on Airbnb and other platforms to get him, customers, easily.

Nowadays it has become super simple to collect revenue also. You can design an app and register all your customers.

Now you can receive payments online through that app on time.

Isn’t it a lucrative and most successful passive income idea?

In my opinion, is the easiest and the safest way of making assets.

And the good news is that you can even do it, by buying a property which is already made, and renting it at higher rates.

I also suggest you get all legal advice and aspects of doing this [whichever your country is].

Well, I have covered all the assets in an integrated manner.



So, as we have already seen that asset building is as important as eating food and drinking water every day.

I personally suggest you get information and knowledge every day about asset building.

It can be done in a single day.

Let me make it clear once more. There is no such shortcut formula of becoming rich in a day or in 2 - 3 months.

It's a gradual process. It takes time.

At the end of the day, we have to win in life. We take advice from people and invest our hard-earned money somewhere, and if luckily it succeeds we start beveling that advice blindly.

But sooner or later you may lose. And that loss can be a big one.

In the end, I would suggest you read about how to invest money in order to understand things better.
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