3 Ways to manage money better in 2022

Well, today I am going to deal with a very important topic, which is a very serious issue. Today is the day when I will enlighten you about how to manage your money better. 

I am pretty sure that 8/10 has no knowledge about how money is managed.

So, it all begins as a journey. Some learn it earlier in life, some late. But the best thing is that “It’s never too late.”  

My personal opinion is that the one who faces struggle and hardship in life are the ones who learn this money management skill quite early.

Well, no worries …! as I re-iterate It’s never too late. No matter at what stage you are in life(right now). No matter what your age is. Today after reading this article you will not regret it anymore. So it’s my humble request to be patient while investing your time in reading the article.

So, without much ado, let's begin.

Anyways, today I will give you three ideas, not more, only three ways to manage your money/finances in a better way in 2022.

But before we go into the detail of the article, let's understand what is money? Well, money is just a tool and nothing else. However, it goes without saying, that today in the world of capitalism 80% of our life activities are controlled by money only.

Hence it is very necessary to have financial wisdom. Obliviously it can’t be gained in a single day. But yes it is possible to gain financial wisdom by reading informative and knowledgeable articles on www.kuipeer.com 

So, the basic 3 pillars of managing money better are

1. Income

2. Budgeting

3. Spending



Well, this is very important. Without this no planning can begin, isn’t it!

I don’t think any reader of this article is not aware of the word income. So moving ahead, lets see what can be the sources of income.

1. Job [Salary]

2. Investments

3. Rental income

4. Bonds

5. Business

6. Side hustle

7. Capital Gains Income

8. Diversified income

Well, these are some of the basic sources of income an individual may have. (I am assuming that reader of this post is/are individuals; for business management, you can read the article here of which I will provide the link later.)

So you need to calculate your net worth now. Now, what’s net worth. Well, in simple words it is all Assets - Liabilities.


Hence the equation is simple. Very simple.

Now the first thing you should do after reading this article is to calculate your net worth.

The fact about net worth is that it is what defines you. I mean it is your value in the present moment.



So, here comes the main core of today’s business [Article].

Well, there are several rules and other ways of how to manage money by budgeting etc. For example, 50/30/20 is the most common.

Ok… it's good!

Let me explain this 50/30/20 rule in case if you don’t know about it.

So, this rule is a common traditional way of managing or budgeting money without much effort, only discipline.

50% of your total income is your needs. Well, it includes :

1. House

2. Medicine

3.  Phone

4. Water

5. Transport

6. Cloth

7. Debt payment if any

8. Food, etc

Hmm, these are some of the common needs which almost all human being requires. And, it is not possible to avoid them at all.

So, you need to keep in mind that whatever your total income is, the total expense on your needs i.e. the 50% of the bracket should not exceed. Most of the financial experts who recommend this rule mentioned this.

If it is exceeding then you need to take care of it.


30% of your total income can be spent on your wants. Hmm… we live in a very fancy world. And we are addicted to materialistic things, but things which are not at all our needs but just have trended or are in fashion. For example, buying a new smartphone when you already have one is useless.

It's completely a waste of money and sooner or later we do regret of that purchase. Isn’t it! If it has happened with you then do share your experience in the comments below.

Other wants may include :

1. TV

2. Netflix

3. New Fancy Watch

4. New clothes (Which you don’t need)

5. Drinking and recreation

Well, the best way to counter this problem of instant gratification is to as yourself, Do you need it or not? What impact will it have positively on your life in the long run?

After you get an answer to the above question. Then you are smarter enough to do what’s required without me explaining anything further.


20% of your income should vehemently be a part of your savings. Yes, vehemently !!!

You should understand that money speaks only one language:

“If you save me today, I will save you tomorrow”

And that is so true. If you save money today ultimately you are safeguarding yourself from any future crises.

Now, there can be different ways of saving money. For example, Saving Account, bond investments, stocks, real estate etc.

But keep in mind that whatever you save should have an exit way or in simple words, it should have liquidity.

Liquidity in the sense that you can get instant access to your cash when in requirement; Because CASH IS THE KING, and the COVID-19 pandemic has proved it very well.

So, this was the explanation of the 50/30/20 rule. I hope you have gained some new knowledge today.

Let's move on to the next way.

I have already written an article on how to make a budget plan, you can read it to gain information in detail.

Well, the solid way to make a budget plan is to follow the following steps :

1. Gather all sources of income

2. Remove tax and debts from it

3. Gather all monthly expenses

4. Gather all extra sources of income

5. Gather all impulse spending

6. Note all static and variable expenses

7. Make possible daily or weekly expenses

8. Create a Contingency fund

9. Review monthly

10. Try to save 5 - 6% for investments.

Well, these are some of the basic steps of budgeting. I have already dealt with it in a separate article. If I will explain these here, then this article will become boring and lengthy.

Finally …


I don’t need to explain much on the spending part as I have already discussed it in previous paragraphs.

But I would like to suggest you control yourself while you are about to spend your hard-earned money.

Ask yourself, is it worth spending? Can it benefit me in the long run? Can it affect my finances positively or negatively?

I am pretty sure you are smarter enough to understand things better.

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving - Warren Buffet

Well said!


So, in the end, we can conclude that it’s not so hard to manage money. Finally, we can infer that DISCIPLINE is the key. Without it, you can’t even manage a single penny.

So, let's summarize what we have learned in this article :




These were the basic pillars of today's discussion. People might give you 20 ways or 30 ways to manage money better. But let me assure you that quantity doesn’t matter Quality matters.

Thank you for reading this article so patiently. I believe it would have helped you very much. Therefore as a bonus tip, I would suggest you read this article on how to invest money for enhancing your knowledge.

Do share any suggestions in the comments below.

Together we will win!