How to become a millionaire by 40

Becoming a millionaire by 40 is not a big deal. There are millions of people who become millionaire each day. In USA almost 12 people become millionaire each hour. And this rate is constantly increasing. Other developing countries like India are also on the urge to have many Millionaire very soon. The reason why it is easy to become a millionaire in this era is "INTERNET".

how to become a millionaire by 40
Internet will make you a millionaire before 40. As you have searches for this keyword. You will be a millionaire before 40. Internet will do the work for you. 

Disclaimer : The is no way in this world which will make you rich in a day or two. You have to be willing to work 24 x 365. 
if it was easy anybody would have been a millionaire
Sacrifice your today for a better tomorrow.
So, lets begin with our planning of becoming a millionaire by 40.


    Create a passive income through blogging
    Blogging is one of the best ways to create passive income. Google gets the maximum earning from blogging Ad sense only.

    Ad sense is the best platform to monetise your website. Then comes the Affiliate marketing.

    I have also made this a source of passive income. My YouTube channel generates a good amount of money (Not that good but its OK). The good news is that it is automatic.

    Google will never betray you if you follow its term and conditions. My ad sense account was suspend an year ago. because I didn't followed its terms and condition. But later when I came to know about it. I certainly followed googles terms and conditions. And things are going quite well these days. 

    My purpose to tell you about this is very simple. I want you to help others. Because....(see the quot below.....)

    Millionaire mindset
    Being is Millionaire is better than becoming a broke person at the age of 40. 40s are the age when a person should enjoy his life. Not in your 20s. I am in my 20s right now. And I have planned all my financial status for my upcoming stages.

    I have also planned for my next 2 generations. But I am not yet married.

    But this is what the rich people know about money. They don't work for money they make money work for them. 

    So lets come back to the topic. #Blogging.

    Blogging will be a source of sharing your knowledge. If you are the master of a particular field then you are most welcome to share your knowledge on this platform.

    Blogger by google and WordPress are some of the most popular platforms to share your knowledge as a blogger.

    Advantage of Blogging : 

    1. Provides opportunities to write or express every day.
    2. Improves communication and social skills.
    3. Helps improve creativity.
    4. Helps students become aware of the world.
    Disclaimer : It will take around 2 years to generate a good amount of income. So just start today. Two years later you will thank your self.

    I use the ad-sense money to buy air-tickets. And last month I have us the ad-sense money to but a MacBook Pro for my self.

    But this was surely not a one-day-pill. I took me a long time.....

    Think Like a millionaire 

    Warren Buffet is considered one of the most successful investors of all time. (I have no doubt about it.)
    I have learnt a lot from Warren Buffet.

    Specially the reading habit. As he says, "the more you learn the more you earn."

    Learning is the most important thing before you dive into anything.

    If you entered into anybody business as a competitor without learning. Very soon he will kick your ass.

    First learn about the business and then enter into it. For example if you are entering into Stock Market then you should know about the basics of the stock market.

    You should be knowing that how the stocks goes up and down? How companies are going to perform in the nest 5 years? Is there any global conflict?

    As we are witnessing the downfall in the shares of stock market of different countries. And the reason is CORONA VIRUS.

    So, as a conclusion I just want you to be knowledgeable about everything happening around you. So, just do it
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    Keep Patience

    Patience is needed in order to succeed. Because You will fail.

    I am not being rude. I am just telling you the truth.

    And let me make it very clear that the tips and tactics which I am providing you in this article is not a false one. I am not a professional Blogger who is posting these article for money.

    I don't earn a lot of money from this website. I just launched this website to help others. Because the best way to get blessing is to help others.

    This is the reason why I am suggesting you to start a blog.

    Let us get out of the topic for a while(Lets speak the truth.). When I entered to the blogging industry. I didn't knew that people have made it a profession. Some people are sharing false information and making thousand of dollars through it.

    When you will read their blog, It is like COPY and PASTE. But I have decided to give all the quality information on my website -

    If you are ready to work like hell. If you are ready to give your 100% then you can become a regular visitor of my website( Do remember the name of our website. We have already posted many personal development articles (Specially for entrepreneurs) and in future we will keep on doing that.

    I am sorry, this article is lengthy. But don't go for the length of the article. Go for the quality. I am giving you quality. Therefore, do subscribe to my website also.

    So, without much wastage of time. Lets get back to the topic. #Keeping_patience

    The simple meaning of Patience is the capacity of tolerating a problem. There was a research done in Rajasthan province of India.

    In a government school a teacher gave chocolates to the students of one classroom.

    The teacher instructed them wait for 30 minutes before eating the chocolate.

    If they waited then they will be rewarded one more chocolate and that to a bigger one.

    The teacher went our for half an hour. And when he came back, he saw that all the students have eaten the chocolate except 5 students.

    The master went to them and noted their names.

    17 years later when the master started to search for those students(the patient students). He came to know that the students who waited for 30 minutes have grown rich and successful in life.

    Out of the six the first one became a CEO of a big company. The second one was a Great Lawyer. The third one became a very popular orthopaedic doctor. And the remaining two became very rich industrialist and businessman in their life.

    While the others who didn't waited at that time became, 'Average'. They belong to the majority club.

    They are trapped in the cycle of 9 to 5 job. And they are financially poor as well.

    So, as a conclusion I want to tell you that, 'JUST KEEP PATIENCE'.

    It will take time for your dreams to come true but one day it will happen. Therefore, I beseech you to keep patience.   
    Advantage of keeping patience :

    1. Patient people enjoy better mental health.
    2. Patient people are better friends and neighbours.
    3. patience helps us achieve our goals.
    4. patience is linked to good health.

    Start your own business

    Starting your own business requires COURAGE. You will fail many times in starting it. But make it's a fact that you can't get rich if you are doing the 9 to 5 job. You have to create a business that will generate a active income. A SOLID ACTIVE INCOME.

    If you have any idea(INNOVATIVE). Then just go for it. Start a business today.

    Write a business plan as fast as you can.

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    how to become a millionaire by 40
    Save like hell
    I see may young boys and girls wasting their money in useless shits like buying a new mobile phone when they already have one.

    Don't you think it is a waste of money. Buying a gold chain in $100 is better than buying a mobile phone in $500.

    At least GOLD is an asset and not a liability like a mobile phone. I buyed a mobile phone almost 2 years ago. Hence I prefer buying gold and silver rather than buying a mobile phone or a NPA.

    I recommend you to read some good financial education books. They will guide you how to have the best savings.


    Investing, Oh I just love it. If you sont know me. I am an investor by passion and an entrepreneur by passion. I started investing when I was years old. My first investment was a great failure.

    Anyways. Today I am a successful investor and I have many assets.

    I want my readers also to have the same.

    Power of investing is like a magic. Today you save and invest 10 years later you will be proud of yourself.

    Do you know that investment works on the theory of compound interest. And yes, Einstine mentioned compound interest as the eighth wonder of the world.

    Do one thing Use this calculator and see how magical compounding effect can be.

    What have you seen? Isn't it amazing? Tell me in the comment box below and tell me.

    Network Marketing

    picture credit
    Network marketing is the next generation of Billionaire making. It is considered that Network marketing is a very great business model of future.

    Some people consider it a scam but, no it is not. You can read this article for more information.
    Advantage of network marketing :

    1. Reduces capital investment.
    2. Reduces advertising expenditures.
    3. High repeated sales. 
    4. High earning potential.
    5. TAX advantage. 
    6. No franchise fees to pay.
    7. Opportunity to make new friends.
    Disadvantage of network marketing :
    1. Longer startup time
    2. Less control
    3. More paperwork
    4. Longer hours
    5. Demand on your work time by network members.
    6. Action of other MLM members reflect on you.
    7. Necessity of staying active in company so as not to loose network

    Affiliate Marketing

    amazon associates
    Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models on the web today.

    Now, What is affiliate marketing? In simple language its a kind of promotion in which you get paid a small amount of commission each time someone buys something from your link.

    Amazon Associates one of the world best associate program. But there are millions other website which provides you associate programs.

    And the good news is that its free of cost. You don't need any extra charges to make an account in these programs. No hidden charges as well.

    Disclaimer : This Blog also consists of some links will will pay me a very small commission. It will help me to sustain this blog. And without costing you anything.

    Now what is the use of Affiliate marketing in making you a millionaire? The answer is very simple. It will add to your net worth. It will make money while you are sleeping.

    And Yes... You and also call it a passive source of income.
    Amazon associates

    Now, a question might arise in your mind 'that how much can we earn from affiliate?'

    My answer is, 'There is no Limit'. It depends on the amount of handwork you do. You can even make a million dollar through it.

    You just need to invest a lot of your time in it.(And tats it.)  

    how to become a millionaire by 40

    Commitment and Interested are two different words with different meanings.

    If you are the a subscriber of TEAM FERLESS you must have watches Mr. John Asraff's video. He has clearly told about the difference between commitment and interested.

    If you are interested you will just do it. Whereas if you are com
    mitted then you will do whatever it takes to do it.

    Don't loose your interest. If you have started just finish it. Becoming a millionaire is not a simple game. You have to live a very frugal life to get the millionaire status. At least a millionaire status is better than a middle class status.

    If you have read this article till here(a lengthy one) then I am sure you are 100% COMMITTED. Just hustle like hell.

    Ready to listen Criticisms
    how to become a millionaire by 40
    Just face Criticisms

    Critics are those who assures that you are growing well. I just love those people who criticise me. You know why? Because they are people who take lot of care for me. They tell me that i am succeeding well.


    I am telling you one magic. Bro, Just start a business and tell it to your friends family or anybody. You know what you will hear from them.

    "Yes," its CRITICISMS.

    I have seen rarely any family which appreciates their wards when they think of starting a business. As if it is a sin.

    Your friends will tell you to fit in. And Ultimately one day you will die with your dreams.

    Therefore I beseech you. Don't listen to your critics. Just make a life in which you want to live. #live your dreams

    Don't be afraid to fail

    how to become a millionaire by 40
    credit - Think and Grow Rich
    Failures will come in life no matter in whichever field you are in.
    Failures are responsible for your experience. And experience will be responsible for your success.

    Some people live their lives in the fear of failure. When you are afraid of failure you actually prevent yourself from learning how to be successful. 

    Failure gives your mind a chance to work outside the box and use its amazing potential to solve problems.

    Could you imagine what this world would be like if Edison stopped trying after 5 times of failing to make a light bulb work? The world would literally be a darker place.

    Do you know what a pilot does when he fails to align the air-plane with the runway in one attempt? He goes for one more round. Instead of crashing the plane. 

    Therefore don't GIVE UP. Go for one more attempt if you have failed. 

    Live as if you are not rich

    how to become a millionaire by 40
    Frugal Lifestyle
    Frugal lifestyle is what I like. I love it and I have made it my habit.  

    "Yes," being frugal is better than being cheap or overspending. Frugal implies you are not taking things to the extreme, and you care about value for money.

    I am example, so I know that being frugal is worth it. Don't save your money rather invest it. 

    Take care of your employees

    how to become a millionaire by 40
    Love your employees
    Presently I have 17 employees (full time) in my company(Including me). And honestly speaking they are my family.

    I love them very well. And they love me too. Whenever I am out of my province. They take care of the company much better than I can do.

    This is not a magic. I am able to do this because I know how to manage them. I give them more value.

    Every month we fix one day. We go out for dinner. This brings my employees more closer. They know me very well. And yes, they are committed.  


    credit - Bill Gates
    Reading is the most common time pass for the rich people. They prefer reading over watching stupid TV show. (I also read a lot).

    An average millionaire reads 20 to 30 minutes each day.

    So, When are you going to start reading. A few months ago i posted an article on request of one of our regular visitor who asked me a question, "Why do rich people read a lot." I have given a link below you can read it from there. It will clear all your doubts.

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    how to become a millionaire by 40
    Observation is a blessing from god.

    Let me tell you one incident and a short story of my life. I started my first business in the year 2008 (It was a big failure.)

    I wanted to know how investing world works. I asked many of my family members to teach me about it. But as I come from a middle class family. No one in my family is interested in business. Everybody in my family knows about 9 to 5 job only.

    And I am the first Businessman of my family(First in stock market as-well.). And I am proud of being the pioneer. Because I have motivated my next generation. And many of my cousins take mentor-ship from me in their startup.

    I am not boasting. It is the truth of middle class families.

    So, coming back to the topic. I learnt my business(my niche) through OBSERVATION. I observed people who are already successful in my field. Although they are my competitors. But I admire them very much. Although they don't like me but I love them because they are my real mentors (Virtual).

    Of course there is not a single person on the planet who will tell you the real secret behind their success. But you can still achieve big success.

    Do you know how? Yes, It's observation.

    As the quote above says, "The most dangerous person in the world is the one who listens, thinks and observes." 

    Maintain Finances

    Maintaining finance is not easy but it is worthy. It is noted that the person who takes care of his finances will be far more successful than the one who doesn't does it. 

    There are many people who win lottery and then again after a certain period of time they go broke.

    Do you know the reason why? It's just because they don't know how to manage their money. 

    Advantage of Maintaining finance : 

    • Maintenance of business records
    • Preparation of financial statements
    • Comparison of results 
    • Decision making 
    • Evidence in Legal Matters
    • Provides function to legal parties
    • Helps in taxation matters
    • Valuation of Business
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    Since you searched for how to become a millionaire by 40. I am telling you. If you followed the above steps you will be a Billionaire in your 40s rather than being a millionaire.
    If you liked the points which I have shared. Do share it with your friends, colleagues, family and your other loving ones. One share gives me a lot of motivation to help people.

    Thank You
    God Bless You.

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