Can money buy happiness

Yes money can buy happiness. Money is not just a piece of paper it is a tool. I hear most of the people speaking things like - Money is the root of all evil. But is it true? It is true for the people who speak it. It is true for them because they believe it. Since, What we believe we achieve! I choose to love money because I love what money can do for those in need on earth.

Can money buy happiness
Money is a very powerful device. It has immense power to overcome poverty. Let’s take Bill Gates Example. Bill is the cofounder of Microsoft corporations. the king of tech bosses. He holds the record of being the richest man in the world for a long time. Hence he is also the boss in philanthropy. He has donated billions of dollars in charities.

I have noticed a very common trait in the billionaires. And it is that they love to donate what they have earned. Warren Buffet the stock market rockstar is famous for his love in philanthropy. He has donated about $64 Billion. And he has decided to donate all his wealth after he dies. This 89 years old stock market king is also famous for reading for more than half of the day.

America is the boss of the world because its economy is very strong. Half of the Billionaires of the whole world live in America. And it is the home of some big tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple and yes of course

According to business magazines like Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur and Business Insider, Rich people have an average lifespan of 78 years.


Can money buy happiness
Travelling is what I want to do in my life the most. I like seeing new places and meeting new people. And I know that you also love Travelling. Who doesn’t like it?

Yes money can give you this freedom. At least you should go for a tour once a year. Travelling will cost you your pocket.

Staying in another place or country is very expensive. Government will never pay for your hotel bills. You have to pay it for yourself.

It is a tradition that after marriage people go for a honeymoon. And it’s ok, you should for it, because it is once in a lifetime opportunity. And you should go for it.

But do you know that it is never sponsored by the government! You have to arrange the trip by yourself.

You should indulge yourself into the habit of a millionaire. If you are taking your first step then you have to think about your next 5 steps. I beseech you to understand the fact that money is really very important.

You can only travel to your honeymoon destination if you have money. Hence, by travelling money can buy happiness.

Buy what I want

Can money buy happiness
Money may not buy happiness but it can buy you a ferrari.

“It's better if you cry in a Ferrari than in a bus.”
Although everyone has his own views and thoughts. But in my opinion money can give you the freedom in life. I still remember 16 years ago when I was a young boy, and I wanted you but a small Remote control car. But unfortunately I could not buy that small car which was not more than $10. Yes, those were my tough days. But I have learnt a lot of lessons from those days.

It was just a $10 toy car. But I still remember that scene of a fair.

Just because I had no money I can buy that. And is the point of my argument. Money can give you the freedom to buy things that you love the most. Affluent people are not the ones who just go for impulse buying. They just love what they do.

“If I like it, I will buy it.”

I am not proving myself to be materialistic but I am saying that money can help you to buy things which may make you happier. Hence Money can buy happiness.
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Help others who need my help

Can money buy happiness
Yes money can give you the freedom to help others. It can also help you to handle your own crucial situations. As I told you about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Thay are the philanthropy giants. They earned their money so that they can help the people who need it the most.

Once a friend of mine asked me - “Steve why do you focus more on money?” I replied, “I want to earn more money because I want to help more people.” I never see money as a piece of paper. I see it as a tool. Which can help Millions of people.

Good Education

Can money buy happiness
“Yes' ', Education is important guys. A good education can make you a wise and gentle person. Many students want to get their higher education from good universities like Harvard, Texas, Oxford etc. Is it possible to study for free over there?

Of course not.

It may cost you thousand and lakhs dollars. Many even can't complete their education and they have to drop out from the college.

Many take education loans and are burdened by them. As they leave the university they have to pay the EMI’s. Can you imagine how a student who can’t even earn pays EMI and they are completely trapped in this rat race. Hence, money is important for getting a good education. Finally it will bring happiness. 

Live in your dream house

Can money buy happiness
House is a big dream for each and every human being. Even birds make their own nest. Animals find their own shelters. Similarly a house can be a big milestone for everybody.

Well a house may be a liability for you unless you rent it. But for your own residence it is the best investment. Warren Buffet says that his house was the third best investment he has ever made.

A house can be a liability to you if you don't own it. My suggestion will be that please own a house. You can also rent some extra space to someone who needs it and AirBnb can help you in getting it done. It can create some extra passive income for you.

In middle class families a small new house brings a feeling of enjoyment. They feel that they have achieved a big thing in their life. And that is of course true. I come from a middle class family and my family was very happy on the day when we entered our own new home.

Good treatment, Good Health

“Health is wealth and wealth is health.”
Can money buy happiness
Having food finance can lead you to a healthy life. Now some people will argue on the point that, “Money is not everything.” But let me tell you, Hospital bills don’t see how much you earn and who you are; they just charge you money.

Not only you can pay your own doctor bills. But also you can help others who are in need.

Today the world is facing a great danger because of COVID-19. The stock markets throughout the world have crashed. And the rich people are coming forward to help the world. They have donated millions and billions of dollars to help the government fight against the COVID-19.

It is a fact that rich people have an average lifespan of 75 to 80 years. Therefore money can give a healthy life and it will bring happiness not only to you but also to your family members.


Can money buy happiness

“The one who masters the skill of investing and saving, wins everything.”

I love investing. I didn’t spend my first year earning, rather I invested it. And I still hold those stocks. They are still performing well. This is what I want to teach you. learn to invest your money.

You can only invest money if you have money. As the quote goes, “Money buys money.”

Money is like magic. It will attract more money. Hence when you will see your portfolio growing up obviously you will feel happy. therefore money will buy you happiness. Don't listen to average people who will bring you down to their level.


Guys, I don’t think that I need to give a conclusion for this topic. Money can buy happiness. No matter what people say.

I will be glad to read your views in the comment box below. Please share this with your friends, family and your loving ones. Stay safe, stay healthy. God Bless you.