Why you should have a Private Jet for your Business?

Private jet is a dream for almost every Entrepreneur. The reason for, Why you should have a Private Jet for your Business? is very simple. It has a great reputation and it can buy time for you. Yes, its a great investment in order to save time. A private jet or a business jet is used to carry special executives and a number of people to several places, and then returning back to their respective homes on the same day. 

Why you should have a Private Jet for your company?
And yaaaa it is dream for me as well. I don't own a jet right now, but very soon I will own one. And I am sure you will also own it one day. 

"I don't own a jet I own time." - Mark Cuban  

If it comes to luxury the rich people will never be behind. Rich means luxury.  Well as a business owner I can very will tell you that TIME IS THE GREATEST ASSET we have. There was a time when I made only $1 in 43 days (Whatever that was it was my own, 6 years ago.) But today the time has changed. My team has recently made Million, and I am proud of them. I still remember how I used to struggle to get a customer for my product, but anyways now the time has changed. Private Jet will 100% give you the freedom of saving time which you waste in traveling.

If you will search on google.com about, Why you should have a Private Jet for your company? You will get very few results that will tell you about what you are searching for. I know you are searching for something which is different and new in all aspects, and Steve will tell you everything(About Private Aviation) today.  
Why you should have a Private Jet for your company?

Why you should have a Private Jet for your Business?

A Private BizJet helps you to make faster trips to your destination as they are not tied to specific routs and networks and do not need to take halts in between. So, if you fuel tank does not need refilling, you can directly land at your destination. Given below are the basic 13 advantages which a private jet has and it will automatically explain you the reason to have one jet for your Company. Here we go......

    Less Hustle

    Getting into a Private Jet is very much easy than getting into a traditional plane. You don't need to go under heavy checking and inspection before boarding the flight (Just a FBO is needed). It will even take 5 minutes to complete the process. After this you are free to board your jet. Usually in bigger Airports there are cars which allows the comfort to reach till the aircraft. The aircraft will be waiting for you and the pilot will be there to help you know the entire procedure of the journey. You can even talk to the pilots also. While in other commercial flights you will not even get to see who is the pilot?  

    A lot of time is wasted in traveling to the airports hours before the take-off time for security checks and wrestling through the queues for just picking up your bags and putting them into the scanners. 

    To save your time all this hustles, you should have a private jet for your business.     
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    When it comes to Speed Private Jet wins. Do you know Why? Because it flies at an altitude of 40000 feet. They can help you make faster trips to your destination as they are not fastened with specific routes and they do not need to take a halt in between. 

    The speed of a private jet ranges from 400 to 711 miles per hour. When compared to commercial airliner with top speeds just over 500 miles per hour, it is easy to decide that Private Jets are much faster. They can climb faster than commercial planes. This helps them to avoid unnecessary traffic and busy routes to reach the final destination much faster and on time. 

    Saves time

    Arrive to the terminal and take off within minutes. Land at your destination and get on the road immediately. Travel to multiple locations in one day; and what else do you need. 
    Private jet saves time
    Private jet saves time 
    If you are travelling by air then Private Jets have a great reputation in saving your time and money, Yes MONEY....! Below are 5 points which helps to save time.

    • Easy Access
    • Quick Check-In
    • Straight to arrival terminal
    • Less of waiting at the terminal
    • Direct Flights


    Now this can be a topic of debate. But in my opinion Private jets are much safer. 
    Private jet provides Privacy
    Private jet provides Privacy 
    Privacy-is-security. We cannot compromise with it. And it is one of trait which we all need. if we compare with other commercial travel, it is very difficult to have a private place. But privacy does't always means solitude. Privacy can also be defined as a safety short of thing. If we take the report of latest times, Fatal crashes in the case of private jet is less compared to commercial jets. Given below are the list of latest fatal crashes of 2018, 2019 and 2020.
    • US-Bangla Airline Flight 211 - March 12, 2018
      US-Bangla Airline Flight 211
      Cause of Incident : Crashed on landing due to pilot error and loss of situational awareness.
      Aircraft Type : Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
    • Lion Air Flight 610 - October 29, 2018 
      Lion Air Flight 610
      Cause of incident : MCAS failure, Pilot error, Inadequate maintenance.

      Aircraft Type:
      Boeing 737 Max 8.
    • Ethopian Airline flight 302 - March 10th,2019
      Ethopian Airline flight 302
      Cause of Incident : Crashed shortly after take off; Under investigation
      Aircraft Type : Boeing 737 Max 8.
    But this is not the end Many private jets have also crashed but the fatalities are less. These private jets are having high mentainance, which costs nearly between 0.5 Million USD till 8 Million USD. And the good news is that we have learned from every incidents. Private jets are Costly and the reason behind the cost is the safety kits. Every Jet either it is a private jet or commercial jet, has a BLACK BOX. This black box has data which is used to investigate all the fatalities. Investigators  investigate them and then learn lessons from them. As the time is passing by, new technologies are being evolved up. Safety parameter are changing and becoming better day by day. Recently Gulfstream has launched The Gulfstream G700. This jet is the largest and the widest in its class. There are other competitors also like Bombardier, Embraer, AirBus etc. Hence flying Private is much safer than commercial in my opinion.    

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    A luxurious jet provides complete comfort from take off till landing. Whether you need to do business, sleep or simply relax, Your private jet will provide everything for you.
    Private jet provides Luxury
    Private jet provides Luxury
    All private jets come fully equipped with-in flight Wi-Fi, Phones, Satellite communication, Library and the ability for you to control the cabin environment.

    Private jet provides Luxury | Luxurious cabin
    Private jet provides Luxury | Luxurious cabin
    You can even enjoy your favorite TV Show, Music, reality show etc. You can enjoy your time with spacious cabin featuring lavatories and many creature comforts for a more relaxed flight.
    Luxury of Private Jets
    Picture credit - Qatar 

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    Less expensive

    Do you think I am joking? "No," I am not joking, I can prove this argument. 
    Cost of Private jet
    Cost effective overall
    Now, suppose you are a normal person who earns $1000 in a month (And the only person earning in the family). I bet you will plan a vacation once a year. Because middle class people prefer to for for vacation every year. Now don't tell me that rich people go for vacations. If you see the statistics then the vacation industry is full of middle class people. Rich people travel in order to expand their business.

    You  might have seen rich people spending lavish nights and days in Dubai, spending dollars, rather millions of Dollars. But it is nothing for them. Believe me it is only 2% of the part of their income.

    For example if the net yearly income of an entrepreneur spending money in Dubai is $100 Million then they will only spend $2 Million of their income in Luxury. Everything is well calculated. They are not the fools.

    Similarly if your company is making $2 Million Dollars in a day then per hour it will make around $41,667
    . It can only be made possible if the time is managed very well. Well a Private Jet will definitely give you this freedom and flexibility to make Millions of dollars in a day. Hence, it will save your money.  


    Entertainment with stress free experience in the air is fantastic. When informed in advance your flight crew will make everything ready in advance. This may include food, wines, entertainment gadgets etc.
    private jet
    Picture credit - Gulfstream.com

    Furthermore by your instruction the flight crew can decorate your luxury chartered plane for several events like Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, honeymoon, as an ultimate luxury gift. Once in the sky they will be at your service.

    Baggage Control

    In Commercial Flights usually they have baggage restriction. They give you certain limits of weight(For your baggage). In American Airlines the limit is about 23 Kg. In domestic flights Economy or basic Economy the passengers may check baggage up to 58 inches/158 cm. 
    baggage on private jet is easy to carry
    Its easy to carry baggage on a private jet
    They will charge you more money if you want to carry more baggage with you. The reason behind the restriction is very simple. The aircraft has to burn more fuel in order to take a lift from the runway. If the aircraft gets heavy then the drag will be even more, and the aircraft will burn more fuel for takeoff and maintaining the altitude.

    Fact : A aircraft (Boeing 737) burns 3.68 liters of fuel every second.


    Some larger jets even have their own mini-bars offering unbeatable varieties of food and drinks. 
    You can inform the jet crew in advance about your special dietary requirements. They will stock whatever items they need. You can also have your personal bars on larger jets. Even though the commercial jets offer a wide range of meals and have improved their in-flight meals significantly, they cannot match up to this experience.

    Pets can also fly

    Pet can also fly with you on your private jet
    lovely cute puppy

    "Enjoy with your pets"
    We are all too much protective of our pets. Having your pet sent to a cargo for a long flight can we worrying.

    Commercial flights do not allow pets to board plane. Even if they do, they change heavily for it.

    Pets have to spend their time inside the cargo with poor ventilation and exposure to other animals. This can be problematic if the duration of the flight is long. Some pets may also have respiratory issues, which make things even worse for them and you. 


    Hence, flying private is a sign of success. Based on who you associate with, it is important to present an image of yourself on the organisation in a certain manner to others.
    private jet has a great impression
    Picture credit - Palife
    It displays your company's interest in efficient time management and high level of productivity. You will be noticed as an entrepreneur who is high in status and loves to work seriously for his companies success. This will also motivate others to grow successful in life. 


    If you value time and comfort, then you are going to choose private jet travel over any other commercial flights. If you can't afford to own a jet right now then you can Rent - Hire a jet as - well. Renting will of course be much cheaper than buying a jet. When you rent a Jet you don't have to think about the maintenance cost of the plane. 

    The next time when you decide to travel, you have reasons why you should choose private fly over commercial flights.

    Not only you will save your time and money but you also not loose out any comfort or sleep.

    Thus, I bet once you fly in a private jet, You will never look back for the boring lethargic commercial flights.
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