How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating - You are not a procrastinator. You have a habit of procrastinating! Procrastination has nothing to do with your work. In reality it is a stress release. procrastination is a state of mind which stops us from achieving our goals. Don't make excuse of procrastinating. Find something that matters to you more than your excuses. 

"You don't have to take the whole staircase just take the first step."
How to stop procrastinating
How to stop procrastinating

What is procrastinating

Procrastination is not a unique attribute found only in you('Yes', I am talking to you, the one who is reading this article.) Everybody even I hold this attitude. Even I felt like procrastinating, while writing this article for you. But I have defeated my Excuses in order to make this helpful content for you. 

How to stop procrastinating
If you want to fight with procrastinating then you are at the right place, Keep reading till the end. Steve will help you come out of this problem.  

Everyday spent procrastinating is another day spent worrying about thing. Do it now and move on with your life. 

How we start procrastinating

procrastinating is not having any fixed location of origin. it starts from our mind, maybe trough the neurons of which we can control the impulses. People often procrastinate because they are afraid of failing at the task that they have to complete. Procrastination even cause nausea and headache to some people and this is what is given a very fancy name as "depression". 

Now, as I said, "
neurons of which we can control the impulses!".  I mean to say that you can control procrastinating.Yes you can.  

Here I have given you 10 points and tips which will help you to get your answer for which you were searching for, "How to stop procrastinating?
How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating

Think about your future

What will happen if you don't do this today? I am sure you are thinking something now. Let me tell you in simple words, “You will not get anything if you Procrastinate now.” Think about all those things you will get of which you are dreaming right now. You can buy things that you didn’t every had, or the things which you are not able to afford. I am sure you are having dreams that are out of reach you at this present moment, but I am also sure that you will make those dream come true, only if you work and stop procrastinating. Your future is always brighter than  your present so I beseech you work on building your empire than wasting time procrastinating.   

How to stop procrastinating
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Talk to someone whom you love 

How to stop procrastinating

Talk to someone whom you love

Talk to someone whom you love to talk to you. Yes I am telling you to talk to your loving ones, not your girlfriend(unless she really loves you.) It has been scientifically proved that talking to someone in a polite and loving way can lead to release of the enzyme OXYTOCIN. This oxytocin is responsible for the feelings – love, care and many stuff. Man is a social being and we cannot survive alone in this grand world. We always need someones support and care. So someones love can be a better way to overcome procrastination. As love can make you feel energetic once again.  

Have a watch for yourself 

Being on time is the most common trait of all successful people. Time can be your great friend if you learn to respect time and work according to a given scheduled plan. Time keeping is really very important for any entrepreneur. If you can focus and work on yourself for six months I bet you will discover a new person in six months from now. The reason why I am suggesting you to have a watch for yourself is very simple. You can do things in fraction of seconds. Many jobs can be done in minutes. And in hours miracles can take place. If you respect time, time will respect you by giving you success.
how to stop procrastinating
watch is the sigh of gentlemen 

Cook Food

how to stop procrastinating
Cooking is a common mood healer
Cooking can be a hobby for many. My hobby is cooking and I love cooking Chinese dishes on the days when I am free from my work. Since I was a science student, so let me explain it scientifically. I have noticed that while we cook food or when we clean our house we forget all our tensions. Yes, and I want you to try the same! I am sure that you will also get the same results. Actually when we cook food the aroma of the dish gives a strong message to the brain and we enter into a different world. This is common in all living beings. Even animals also love the aroma as they have more powerful smelling capacity. Although man is also a animal. Hahahaha......! 
how to stop procrastinating
Enjoy the taste

Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself doesn't mean that go and bring a trophy for yourself !!! Rewarding can be of may types. If I give you my own example then I have set a resolution that for each article I will pay myself $1. The reward can not always be in terms of money. You can reward yourself with snacks, cloths, outings etc (It can be anything.). This is the most effective way of overcoming Procrastination. Because I am using this technique to write articles on internet for you, and I am quite successful in it. Because, as I told you earlier that I am a procrastinator in matter of writing articles. Hahahah......!      
how to stop procrastinating


Making clear goals with designed correct pathway can be a milestone in overcoming Procrastination. 

"A goal is a dream, with a deadline."
how to stop procrastinating
Goal setting
Making goals is a challenge for may people. But I don't understand why they are not able to set goals. Well, making goal is a simple 6 step process. 

  • Decide
  • Write it down
  • Break your goals into fragments 
  • Plan your first step
  • Be consistent
  • Visualize victory 

Making goals is important because it give you your starting point and the end destination. I remember when amazon was expanding people said that online startups will not prosper. But who knew that Mr. Jeff Bezos will defeat Bill Gates and grab the position of the richest man of the world, becoming the first Centi - Billionaire of the world. The reason why amazon is successful is because Mr. Jeff Bezos has clear goals. He focuses on customers more than profit. Mr. Jeff has big and clear goals. And in my personal opinion setting goals can be really helpful in order to overcome procrastination.   

Never Regret 

how to stop procrastinating
Its never too late.
Never Regret for what you have lost. Although time once lost will never come back. But the good news is that we can change the future. And yes, It's Never too late. Yes, Ladies and gentleman you can again make your dreams come true. In life we never loose. Either we win or we learn. Life gives us opportunities. And opportunities are like buses, one goes and the other one comes. Therefore my friend, don't panic. Start once more and try your best to get back whatever you have lost. 

Get Richer

Money is a source of motivation for all of us. If you agree, tell me in the comment box below. And it is not a secret that 'everything is not money but everything needs money'. There is not even a single thing in the world that comes without money(Free), except what nature has given us. Thus in business you are not respected unless you make good bucks. Your success in business will be measured in terms of your turnover. And hence to get away from the web of Procrastination learn to make more money (but honestly). And I am quite sure that money will motivate you to get a perfect life of which you will never procrastinate.     

Motivational Quotes 

"You may delay, But time won't." - Benjamin Franklin

"A year from now you will wish you started it today" - Karen Lamb

"You can't escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." - Abraham Lincoln

"Procrastination makes easy things hard, and Hard things more harder." - Mason Cooley

"Action will destroy your procrastination" - Og Mandino

"Procrastination is opportunity assassin" - Victor Kiam

"Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination" - Michel Hyatt

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." - Don Marquis 

"Procrastination is the thief of time" - Edward Young

"Procrastination is like a credit card, fun to use until we get the bills." - Anonymous 

"Don't Procrastinate" -
How to stop procrastinating
Stop Procrastinating - 

Best books on overcoming Procrastination

I hope, I must have helped to get the answer of - "How to stop procrastinating?" Do, share this with your loving ones, so that they can also stop procrastinating

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how to stop procrastinating
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