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Office Essentials:Getting your first office for a start-up is a big milestone. It’s an indication that your company is becoming a real business. To design the right startup office you need to think of two things: tech and company culture,” says Rich Arundel, cofounder and general manager of North America at Currencycloud. 

Office Essentials

Start-up Office Essentials:

Good table / desk 

As a start-up you should have a proper desk for your employees. A individual desks should be given to single employee. This will make them feel more satisfied and secure. A separate desk will help them to work properly.

To save your time I have given below the list of good desks that can be best for your start-up office.


This is my suggested desk for the boss : 

link to - LITTLE TREE L-Shaped Computer Desk, 55 inches Executive Desk Business Furniture with 39” File Cabinet Storage Mobile Printer Filing Stand for Home Office Dark Walnut
Office Essentials

Now for your Employees 

link to -DlandHome L-Shaped Desk Large Corner Desk Folding Table Computer Desk Home Office Table Computer Workstation, Black DND-ND11-BB1
Office Essentials

link to - Soges 59 x 59 inches Large L-Shaped Desk Computer Desk L Desk Office Desk Workstation Desk, Black CS-ZJ02-BK

Office Essentials


Now a char can be of many types. The correct selection of chair can be a very good choice for you. I will help you out below. Now let me tell you the types of chairs and their impact on the employees. As the owner of your own start-up you should have a separate place for yourself. You can make a separate cabin for yourself.(here I am not considering your business as a beginner, or if you are bootstrapping your business, I have considered that you have grown up your business.) 

There are basically three types of chairs. And the shapes really matters. As they have a direct impact on the spinal cord. So, the first category is of a high back chair which generally has a wheel. Whenever you buy a chair see to it that the wheels are there. These are very helpful as it will allow you to move faster and adjust yourself. Second comes a low or a medium back chair that is without wheels. And the last but not the least is the medium or low back chair with wheels. In my opinion you should get a low or a medium back chair for your employees, with a wheel. 

This type of chairs are generally good looking and will have a great impact on their working performance. 

To save your time I have given below the list and link of good chair that can be best for your start-up office.

Furmax High Back Office Chair Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair with Padded Armrests,Executive PU Leather Swivel Task Chair with Lumbar Support (Black)

Office Essentials

Furmax High Back Office Desk Chair Conference Leather Executive with Padded Armrests,Adjustable Ergonomic Swivel Task Chair with Lumbar Support (White)
Office Essentials

Tech appliance 

A computer, an internet connection, other goods are really a priority of any start-up. When I started in my store room. I didn’t had a computer and I did everything on my laptop that was too a borrowed one. 

As a start-up in 21st centuary you should understand that adapting with technology is very important. You should know that that other tech companies that were blown away just because they didn’t innovated and adapted with the technologies have vanished today. There are many such example, of companies that are bankrupt just because they failed to adapt with tech. So I strongly suggest you to get a tech appliance for your start-up.  

To save your time I have given below the list and link of tech appliances that can be best for your start-up office.

New Apple iMac (27-inch Retina 5k display, 3.0GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 1TB)
Office Essentials

New Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage) - Space Gray

Office Essentials


Proper lighting is a sign of success. Let me give you a simple example of my own website I have personally kept this white website them so that my readers will not have any problem in reading. A proper colour matters and as a start-up these things are not going to make you spend more money but these are necessary, so that you will love to invest more once you are successful. 

To save your time I have given below the list and link of lightings that can be best for your start-up office.

Table lamps

Office Essentials


Getting good accessories can a best option for you. Accessories example : A clock, pen stand, a book shelf, a flower vase, a coffee machine, a tea machine, pen etc many more: 

To save your time I have given below the list and link of accessories that can be best for your start-up office.

Office Essentials

Office Essentials
Office Essentials

I hope I must have helped you. These are some which in my opinion are the best for you. I have viewed them all. And please share this content with others who are in need of it.

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