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MILLIONAIRE HABITS : First of all I would to clear the fact that millionaires are not born rich. According to the Forbes 86% of the millionaires are self made. They have made their own fortune.

Bill Gates once said, “If you are born in poor it’s not your mistake, But if you die in poor it’s your mistake.

Some people will not accept the fact that money is important to live a wonderful life. But being rich is far better than being poor. A rich man can have control over anything he wants in life. You will never find a dollar cheating on you. Money can’t speak but in reality it speaks only one language, “You save me today, I’ll save you tomorrow. ”


“The more you learn the more you earn.”

Millionaire Habits
When I was a simple broke person with no source of income, and living on my parents feedings. I used to do a lot or research about rich people. And the simple answer which I got was that all millionaires have the habit or reading a lot. 
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But let me in short explanation you, Why rich and successful read a lot

The simple answer is that they keep on updating themselves with fresh knowledge. They love to know about what is going around in the world and try to adapt with the competition. 

Millionaire Habits
Money can get you anything.

Let me clear you with one thing if you are not willing to adapt or accept the digital world your business is not going to last long. Don’t get offended with my words but innovation and adapting with technology is the key of a long term success model. If you take the example of Blackberry or the Windows phone they all failed just because they were not innovating and specially Blackberry Mobiles were not adapting the technology. 

    Love to follow their passions

    “If you are not passionate about your business idea, then you are wasting your time.”

    Millionaire Habits

    Passion is something which drives you to achieve your goals. Jeff Bezos the founder and the CEO of one said, “I have done BILLIONS of dollars of failure at” This is something which is really very amazing that he has done billions of dollars of failure. I am not joking. The thing is that we are not ready to accept failures. We are just afraid of investing. I know that investing is risky but you have to take risk in order to make an empire. The warriors of real battle have only the spirit of do or die. 

    Goal Oriented

    “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

    Millionaire Habits

    Goal does not mean that they remain goals forever. You have to work in order to make those goals your reality. Goals are just dreams with a deadline. I had made a target or rather the goal of becoming a millionaire at a very young age and the fact is that I became one in the time when I was in my college. My other mates didn’t even earned a single penny at that time. Yes it is true and the simple formula which I believe is that do not get into any such activity that will take money away from you. You have to earn money not to loose it.  

    Values time more than money

    “I have owned a private jet not to show off, but to save time” – Grant Cardone

    Millionaire Habits

    One of the greatest inspirations of mine Cardone owns a Gulfstream. The sky palace of the ultra wealthy people.  do you really think that private jets are made for show off. Yes I think that t o some extinct some people do own a jet to show off but if you see the core analysis of this expensive chap. You will come to know about its significance. A private jet in overall is much cheaper than commercial airlines if you have a business. The travel in a private jet will not cost your security check(Waste your time there, of course there will be some level of checking.).  
    You will be able to save time because you will fly directly to your goal or your destination without any airline intervention.  

      “You value Time, Time will reward you with money.”

    Yes, time has only one reward and that is simply money (if money is your primary goal.). if you know about the power of the 8th wonder of the world. It is very clear that the power of compounding will make you rich very soon if you keep patience and are consistent in your investment.  

    They have a good millionaire mentor

    “Never take advice from the ones who isn’t where you want to be.”

    Millionaire Habits

    Yes, is what I have followed in a very serious way. I have always hanged out with rich mind-set people. it is said , “You are average of the 5 men you spend time with.” When I was in my lower standards of my school days I had some bad friends who were not good in studies. And the result, I failed in two subjects maths and physics respectively. In maths I scored  18% and in physics about 26% which are fail marks indeed. But no sooner did I realised that my companions are pulling me sown than I changed my company and did friendship with good students who were good in studies. And the result is that I became the second topper in mathematics and the topper in physics the very nest year. That day I learnt a very strong lesson of the power of company. Yes if you have hang out with dreams who have big ambition certainly one day you will be super successful, in whatsoever field you want to succeed.  

    They never go for holidays but maintains a good hygiene

    “Struggle some years of your life which other wont and then life later like others can’t”

    Millionaire Habits
    Health is wealth

    I hear people saying that rich people go for lot of vacations. But do you know that the statistics say that the vacation industry is rich because of the middle class. The middle class people are the ones who go for lot of vacations. While the rich they just go for Business trip. There is a huge difference between a business trip and a  vacation. 

    A vacation will simply drain your income while the business trip will give the opportunity to earn more money. The rich people travel different places to acquire ideas in order to apply them into their own projects that will give them returns in a desired targeted time. 

    They love teaching others

    Teaching is the best way of learning.”

    Millionaire Habits
    Teach to learn
    The best way to learn is to teach others. Do you know that a research in the field of human psychology had proved that new teachers gets their concepts cleared when they come into teaching profession.  And it is so true. Even I have done the same in my field. While I am teach you I do a lot of research on the internet and then I am able to present it to you (With maximum of my own experiences.). 

    I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effect in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedom that they’re interested in. ” – Bill Gates 

    The are focused on what they do

    “They primary key of my success in investing is focus.” – Warren Buffet

    Millionaire Habits

    If you ask me what do you do? My answer will be, “I mind my own business because I have to focus on my business.” Three years ago when I started my second business I came to know about what is the power of focus. I used to copy other people who were doing the same business and who belonged to my field. But the result was that I failed. I failed because I didn’t did what I was suppose to do. I did what others were doing. The fact is that I was insulting my self. It is said : “Winners focus on winning, and losers focus on winners.” I am very sure now that I am doing what I have to do, rather than copying other person. A lens only burns a paper when it is focused. 

    They dare to think big 

      “If people aren’t calling you crazy, what you are thinking is too small.”

    Whatever you are thinking thing bigger. Dare to cross the bars. If someone tries to demotivate you, believe one thing that they are not of your standard. I will tell you one fact. The reason is so strong and the reason I am here is that I dream big dreams. Right from my childhood days I have a keen interest in the field of aviation and I have made it very sure that I will the first guy in my entire family tree to buy a private jet. No no no no…………. Not to show off, the reason is that I dream very big dreams. Buying a jet is not a easy task. And I want to buy it just to save time, in order to travel more cities. 

    They have financial skills

    “Because students leave school without financial skills, millions of educated people pursue their professional successful, but later fi9nd themselves, struggling financially.” - Robert

    Academic qualification are important and so is financial education. They’re both important and schools are forgetting one of them. I have personally made it clear that my portfolio is very diverse and all the finances are well maintained. During the start of my own start-up I have one skill very well and it is the skill of managing money very well. I never learned this topic in the school life has taught me everything. To know more about financial skills and how to diversify your portfolio you can search my blog at the to corner. Specially I suggest you to go for mutual funds. Mutual funds have historically offered safety and diversification and they spare you the responsibility of picking individual stocks.  

    “The man who master the skill of patience and investing, wins everything.”
    Millionaire Habits
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