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Do you need an office space to start a business in 2020 : If you invest in an office, you’ll likely be more motivated to invest in your company. You’ll be prouder to come into work, and work harder when you’re there.

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What if I say that an office space is necessary. 

Don't panic i am going to guide you how to do it even if you are a beginner or a startup.

An experienced-based office is a competitive advantage because it helps employees feel valued and gives them a place they want to come. Paired with a beautiful, open office space, the environment helps employees feel valued and empowered and makes them want to come to work and give their best effort.

Reasons to have an office space :

You need a workplace not an office Space.

The most important thing is that you are going to do a business that is going to be termed as an start-up. If you hold a office space that is going to have an influence on your clients then you should invest your precious money in having an office space for yourself. This gives you and your employees a sense of satisfaction and the motive to invest more in your business.
Do you need an office space to start a business in 2020

You will be likely to grow your business

An office space is going to be your next worship place. You will love to come back there and will be more likely to work for few more hours. As a start-up I will five you suggestions later in this article. You know that you are an Entrepreneur now and you have to be willing to push harder. An office environment can do that all for you. 

I remember when I was starting my business I started in my store room and grew it now. I have a old chair, an old table, one laptop(NO PC) and even no proper lighting. At that point of time I used to dream like one day I will hold a good office space. And finally I have it now. 

Have good tech appliances

Having good computers, lighting systems, tables, chairs etc. can not only make the office look better but it will also make your employees feel comfortable and motivated to work for more. I don’t have even a single employee who says that I hate my job.
Do you need an office space to start a business in 2020

Make a good team instead of making your office

A good team will be far better than a big office. 
Do you need an office space to start a business in 2020

“A team without any good work performance is useless for a good looking office.” -

My team is having responsibilities. They know what they have to do. One member is responsible for sales, another for tech, one for website, one for managing phone calls or emails, one for visiting clients etc. 

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Do you need an office as a Start-up :

Of course not...!

Do you know that Apple Google Amazon were founded in a garage. What a wonderful office it was. Even I got motivation to start my business from a garage but unfortunately I didn’t had a garage for me. But certainly I had a store room... And I started from there. I will strongly suggest you that you should not invest your money in an office space if you are an start-up. 
Do you need an office space to start a business in 2020

But I will also advice you that you should invest your money in an office space as your business grows up. It will motivate you as it has motivated me to do so. As a start-up your primary focus should be in learning things. If you learn, you grow. A start-up should always follow the method of BOOTSTRAPPING in order to grow the business.

Good Luck. God Bless you.
Thank You.