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Businessman vs Entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a businessman and an Entrepreneur. I have ? and I had a lot of issue in getting the answer to this question. Today in this blog I will clear all of the doubts related to it. First of all you should be knowing about what is the power of BOOTSTRAPPING. The one who is good at bootstrapping will become a great entrepreneur. 


Businessman vs Entrepreneur

We understand the value of your time so, to save your time here we have pointed some of the differences and the detail is given below. 


1. Starts the business from an existing idea or the concept.

2. Focused on cooperation (Partnership)

3. Traditional way of doing the business.

4. Loves to play safe. 


6. Hires people to increase business productivity. 

7. A market player and has good marketing skill. 


1. Starts the start–up with his own unique ideas and concepts
2. Focuses on teamwork
3. Innovative and revolutionary
4. Risk taker and accountable
5. Employee oriented 
6. Hire people to give them productivity
7. A market leader and influencer.

Anyways in the long term vision ENTREPRENEUR wins.

When is was young and went to buy new cloths on the festive occasions. I used to notice the expression and the attitude of the shopkeeper. He had a very costly watch and a brand new BMW. I wondered how rich he is ? The personality was like a dump foolish basta*d. he was just showing of the other of his neighbouring shopkeepers. Well lets get off this and let me tell you what I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you that he is a business man not an entrepreneur who is just working for profit and not for innovation. He is focused on making money and nothing else. Do you think Steve Jobs founded apple for money. Some will day he did. But let me clear your doubts. He was not the one who did all about to earn money. His ideas were not an ordinary one. He made what is a miracle and is of 5 years ahead vision. 

Do you think that Mark Zukerberg founded for money? There are many social media websites. But none of them is as successful as is. He had this as a passion and just followed his passion. 

“In long term business solving problem is more important than making instant money.”

Of-course making money is important but in the long term. If you make money with the long term vision you will be a Billionaire very soon. Lets talk about in detail. 



The entrepreneur is ready to work on his own idea. Like KFC also sells edibles but the ideas of selling those and the innovation is their style is different. They have developed a different way of presenting the food. All the 5star hotels are selling the same food there is no innovation. The key for any long term successful business is INNOVATION. A cake seller will never be rich if he sells the same cake in the same manner. He needs to innovate new way of selling things. An entrepreneur is passionate about his ideas and is even ready to go the whole night in order to achieve his goals. 


Their ideas are so great that they have the ability to change the world. Yes like Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerber, Elon Musk, Bill Gates have done. They all started in the world of no substance. They were not even able to put food on the table and lives a life of great luxury now. They believe in their dreams and can do whatever they can in order to make it into reality. 


Entrepreneur have the ability to invent new things by innovating them again and again. They discover new things of significance. Like The Tesla Motors of Elon Musk. He has done what is going to be the future. I have planned to buy a tesla this year. And I am very confident that I am going to do it. Tesla recently launched the TESLA CYBER TRUCK. Which was really amazing to see. The launch is still having a great impact on my dreams. I was thinking that this mad man Elon Musk has taken the contract of saving the earth alone. 


“I feel so strong and the reason I am here is that I dream big dreams.”

Dreamers are the ones who are the achievers and they have the capacity to change the world. They have the world of their own. In this world they keep on thinking about new ideas. They are not the ones who just dream at night they DAY DREAM. 

I personally feel that what we day dream is easy to make into reality than what we dream while sleeping cannot be that easy to make into reality. 

“Dreams are not the one which comes while you sleep, Dreams are those which don’t let you sleep.” – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

Now lets also talk about businessman’s :



They are the ones who are ready to copy others ideas,. For example If iPhone launches a new mobile now the other companies also copies the style and configuration which the iPhone is having. Do you think it is bravery. Of course not……! If Apple takes patient of any of its product then what will the other companies do then. Yes the same happened with the Telecom sectors of India. Reliance Jio came up with a solution of high speed data of 4G which was not possible for other companies to do. And the result is visible today. Airtel, Vodaphone, Ideas all finished. 


Businessman share one thing in common. They have immense affinity for money and only focuses on the profit making. They do some shit*y things like sale on their product. Which brings the value down. And once the value of the product goes down it is of no use. Yes it might hurt you but be very sure that these are the simple failures which every businessman makes. And I want to teach you not to do the same mistake. They key of successful business is just INNOVATION and REVOLUTIONISING the PRODUCT. 


Businessman will never accept their failures. They don’t want to take up criticism. They are generally rude and ignorant. They will only focus on sales and not the value of the sales. In Indian custom “CUSTOMERS ARE GODS.” And I like this fact of India very much. They tell that the customer will definitely criticise the product at once but the holder should de ready to take the criticism very positively. He should fix the issue, and its done. The customer will again come back to you next time just because you have given him value. 


“It took me 17 Years for an overnight success” – Messi

Yes these businessman are the ones who believe in overnight success. One of the main reason is that they are money oriented. They value Time less than money so time never values them. Overnight success is not possible on EARTH. One should be clear about it. And we should understand that success without struggle and failures is a luck. 

So as a conclusion  I will not say anything. I hope you must have justified everything and according to me Entrepreneur WINS.