B. Wordsworth | By – Sir. Vidyadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

B. Wordsworth | By – Sir. Vidyadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

B. Wordsworth

Sir. Vidyadhar Surajprasad Naipaul (born 17th August 1932) was a well known Trinidian Noble Laureat of Indian origin. Widely recognised for his Noble set in Trinidad and Tobago; he has published great fiction and works of non – fiction to attain immorality in the world to display everything of his life. His stories are very satirical because they study the struggles of human beings in their own individual existence. He could integrate both real and illusion to demonstrate how life operates in many ways in the life of various individuals. 

Although most of his stories and novels are some how related to India and people from Indian origin, the theme are certainly universal in nature. Not only does he touch every one through his writings but he also criticises the various follies(mistakes) in human world. His ideas however do not demean ant one but he takes its as an opportunity to speak out his mind clearly about the various beautiful moments of life. A house for Mr. Biswas and Midguel street are some of his novels. “Half a life 2001” is sid to be a novel which become one of the main reasons for his for winning the Noble Prize.
b. Wordsworth

B. Wordsworth is one story from many contents in a semi-autobiography novel. ‘Midguel Street’ 1959. This story is narrated through the eyes of the author himself when he was the keel absorbent boy. Set in war time port of Spain, Trinidad. This story plays with the dark humour. There are enough moments of sadness and there is also descriptions of various tragic emotions which come out from individuals in normal day-to-day life. 

Naipaul believed that we as common human beings fail to notice and observe the pains an sorrows present in the life of people around us. So busy and casual is a life that the tragedies occuring around us do not pull our attention. This is the irony of life, which we constantly fail to understand, the story has very beautiful view. There truths which generally remain hidden from the normal eye. 
B. Wordsworth

The story starts with a description of beggars visiting the Midgul Street for alms. The author mentions how different beggars come visiting his home one after the other. First came an Indian clad in dhoti and white Jackets, then came an old women. Finally, came a blind man or a pany This is got like rich, a cent, or a penny. This is how the house in Midgul Streets was hospitable because they were able to give something to the needy. Naipaul focuses on how this was a common thing for them and it seemed very normal today activity. But one day a strange collar came with his strange request. “I want to watch your bees.”

He wasen’t a beggar he didn’t asked for any help or any food. He just wanted to see the bees which were around the palm trees uninvited in their yard. His English was very formal and clean and it didn’t found from the street. Therefore he certainly got worried with his strange proposal. The author was then a young boy in school and he didn’t have much description to judge this man. He just taked to him casually as the man went on watching the bees for hours. In the course of conversation next, the man told him that he was ‘a poet’ named B. Wordsworth. Later he added saying that  he is black Wordsworth, and shared one heart with white Wordsworth. There is a shuttle irony and sarcism where the man compares himself with white Wordsworth. It refers subtly to William Wordsworth the more favour romantic poet who love and worships nature.

“We share one heart
I can watch a small flower like the 
Moving glory and cry.”

As a young boy Naipaul couldn’t laugh at the idea how one could cry seeing a flower. Definitely this could be a very strange things but then B. Wordsworth told him that when he could grow up. Their statement seemed too way beyond his understanding and grasp. He didn’t then understand how he could also be a poet one day to cry for flowers and things in life.

The poet them declares that he has a poem in his pocket about months and that he would sell it to authors for four cents. The authors in forms about it and gets a negative reply from her. The poet at this month declares how the poets all over the world face this tragedies when people are not ready to buy their creative works. Its a tragedy that writing poetry isn’t considered a professional or a serious task.

Professional or a series task, about a week later they met again and the boy inquired whether the pooet had been able to sell any poetry at all. The poet informs him that he hasen’t being able to do so. Then he came up with a proposition to visit his place in albert street, where the boy could endulge himself in eating ripen mangoes. The author feel much invited and found on his visit that his place looked wild inn the garden. But there were big mangoes trees which ripe, sweet juicy mangoes he did enjoyed then throught. But his mother didn’t appreciate him adult like going about in the street she beat him rather badly and author goes back to the poet again for same comforts and. It is interesting to see the evolution of very special born between two individuals from different age and background. But the boy was so happy to be with the company which gave him much peace and satisfaction. 
B. Wordsworth

“I felt like nothing…
I had never felt so big and great in all my life.
I forget all my anger and all my
Tears, and all the blows.”

In the course of time, they had develop a very unique relationship and so close had they become that they started speaking enough time between them. They lay on the grain and looked up on the sky. They lay on the grain and looked  up on the sky. They talked about stars and the constellation. They forget how time past so quickly. Besides the author as well kept growing in age and wisdom well guided by the  exception and knowledge of the poet hold him one day. 

“you must never tell anybody about me…
You must keep that secret.
If you tell anybody I will
Know, because I am a poet.”

The author did not keep his promise and facility remainder hidden from all. It was a unique relationship which prosper on natural trust and their ability to understand each other point of view. Although there was enough age difference between them, there wasen’t any lack of interest in being with each other. It was like two great people separated from the rest of the world only to find meaning and excitement in the pond that they had been sharing for a while. 

A time came when the author wanted to know why B. Wordsworth, the port kept his garden high and wild. In response to this question, the poet narrated him a story of a boy poet and girl poet in love while the boy loved a girl. It also happens that the girl poet died with expected baby inside her. Only did this incident break the boys heart but it also forced him to remember her throught the nature surrounding around their house. That’s why the garden looked high an wild. 

As B. Wordsworth told this story, the author could see age on his face. He did,t understand the sty hen and believed in what Wordsworth had told him. Time past by and their friendship became more intense and deep. They went about visiting the place together and their wakes became longer. A in all there roaming about one thing that author observed was that the poet B. Wordsworth did everything as if he were doing it for the first time. There was so much of solidarity as could be seen in church rite. 

“The world became a most exciting place,
With a passing of each day new discoveries came the authors ways 
Because B. Wordsworth had always something now to tell him. This time 
Over, it was a fact about writing a very long poem 
– supporting the greatest one for him. Most interestingly, this poem was at work”

Had placed in next 22 years in completely the poem of its, to the authors it seemed so shocking knowing the fact that one would write so many lines in this duration of 27 years. But on the contrary B. Wordsworth told him, how only one line per month was going to be the speed of composing the poem. It looks abnormal and certainly very impractical to write only one line a month. The poet must have distilled his experiences in that particular line of the month. Of course there worlds look to short and precise for a great poem but, on a serious look at a the text one would agree with B. Wordsworth that length does not matter when meaning is deep enough for good reflection of realities. The poet have line for the month – the past is deep.

On another occasion the poet was asked how he earn his living – hood for he never seem to be doing anything to earn money for his personal needs. But the author was quite unaware that B. Wordsworth sang. This lasted him with enough money for the next of the year. Going by his standard of living he hardly needs any as a poet. It was certainly contentment on his side the more about him. It was him, the more he wanted to know him, the more he wanted  to know about him. It was a mysterious journey with a man who have infinite aura keep him near him. One day the author saw that the poet looked weaker and old on he lay on his bed. He wasen’t the same any more. Rather he could see death on his shrinking face. It was too big observation to be ignored he felt it face. His company had given him sufficient experiences and knowledge to make him keen observant of life. As told to him once he had poem a poet himself to see the tragedies and other realities around him. 

“You can see it too
I also knew you had the poet’s eye.”

The author cried loudly. It was too strong for him to remain quite. Having seen has face, he had noticed there reality of life on another promises or secret seen on the promise of never return again after that day, that whatever he had told the author so far was all not true. He had made all things up and his talk about writing greatest poem in the world was also not true.

After a year, the author visited the Alberto Street only a year, the author was connected every where. There was no more guardian with mango, plum and coconut tree. New building have come up and it looks as if B. Wordsworth had never existed.

To conclude, we could say that world is full of such unique people around with their wonderful experiences. They are source of great inspiration but with time they go unnoticed. This change in the passage of time. Human world is too busy with normal routine that such beautiful experiences which people hardly get our attention. 
B wordsworth