Is earning a lot of money important? Why?

Is earning a lot of money important? Why?

Let me share you my own experience. I started earning my own money when I was only 17 years old and I think it was too late for me to start at that stage of life. My bank account has more than a million buck in just few struggling years. Well it is also less but whatever it is, I have earned them. I did one thing very correctly and it was HUSTLE. I was in my school days when I started earning and that made me feel like a millionaire, although I only earned around 100 bucks a month or two. Ya .. I know it is hilarious and funny to earn this much amount of money. But believe me they were like 100 million bucks for me. I belong to a middle class family. Maximum  of my school friends are still jobless and eat their parents money. But let me tell you that I own two business now and I am a investor and a TRADER as well.

Let me tell you that I am not BOASTING !!! Its my real story and you should get inspired by it.

Researches have proved that, “People who earn their own money are likely to be more happy in life than those who have inherited their 

First know my journey of becoming a millionaire :

I was a 16 year old boy and loved the BUSINESS world since beginning. Whenever I saw a newspaper the first thing and the first page I searched for was the business page and I was the only one to read this page in entire family. I always saw something which was common everyday to read and it was STOCKS. I was so curious about this topic that I wanted to know how it functions how do people earn money through investing and trading. Although I Had no money to invest or to trade. 

The second thing which I knew was about and affiliate marketing. I started my blogging currier on 29th of August 2015 and got AdSense approval in December 2016 which was too much struggling part for me. I lost all hope in in mid of my blogging journey that I will get any Google AdSense approval ever. The best thing is that through this blogging journey I have learnt how to crate a attractive website and to do SEO as well. First time in my life after 22 months I earned 100 bucks and that day believe me I felt like a 20Year Millionaire. (I recommend you to hear this song – 20Year Millionaire CLICK HERE.)

I learnt stock market by my own and within 3 years I started earning a living and after 4 years my earning became the highest among the highest individual of my whole family. I never tell this to anybody because I read somewhere, “Always keep three things very confidential – 1. Sex Life 2. Bank Account and 3. Your next move."      ”Yes I am Proud and Happy with my achievement.

“If I have climbed one mountain, I will seek for more….”

I have made it very sure that by 29 or 30 of my age Forbes will recognise me as a BILLIONAIRE, Sorry SELF MADE BILLIONAIRE…..!!!
Some people whom I follow and have learned from them are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Grant Cardon – The 10X man, Patric Bet David, Elon Musk.

Now lets get back to the point and todays topic, “is earning a lot of money important? why?”.

Can We Agree That Money Is Important?

“People say money is not everything but, everything needs money….!!!”

Isn’t that true. Of course it is 110% true. Everything you do in the world needs money. None of the people in the world will help you or talk to you if you don’t  have money. I a can bet that even your own family and friends will leave you or curse you if you don’t earn.

What Money can Give in life :

“I simply say that it can give you freedom, the financial freedom to be your own boss.” Earning high and it can give you , make  you ….:

Yes, it has been scientifically proved that the one who earns high are likely to life a happy life. You will look younger. Yes that’s true and I have noticed this in many millionaires and billionaires. You must have also noticed this. By being rich you can wear good cloths and maintain yourself in the way you want. This will make you feel confident among other people also.

I will personally recommend you to wear a classic analogue watch instead of a sports watch. It makes you feel very classic and good looking among others. because if you notice rich people they look very simple but really very handsome or beautiful. Second thing you should wear is a good shirt and a pant with a coat on it. Believe me in my early days these were some my personal investment which I did and it pays me today, because people respect me in this classic style. Specially girls. Hahahaha……..


Yes earning can give you a good shelter and the best place where you can chill relax and plan for your next move. All my heros they started their journey from a garage. And thus I started my journey from my store room. Well this was just to tell you…… A shelter is the primary demand for everyone and I will recommend you that you should invest in a real estate if you don’t have one.


“If you but things which are of no importance, very soon you have to sell things which are important to you.”- Warren Buffet.

Let me tell you guys I still don’t have a car. Hmmmmmm…. This doesn’t sounds good ….. ya I know… but I have made it a resolution that I will buy a car when my net-worth gets doubled. Presently I use my parents car. Because I don’t need it now but I have reached in my life to that level when I can but  a car for myself, but lets keep patience.


Yes … this is something which is really of a great importance for me. I Have travelled to almost 12 countries till now either for business purpose or on a family tour, and it is possible but because I earn money. So, “travelling = money”. Travelling a far distances will definitely cost you around 5000$. And yes you should be travelling a jet …. Yes you can do it.


“Wealthy is healthy”

Money can give you better treatment and can help you help other who are not able to afford that treatment. I am in pharma business also so I know “what medicines cost and how much expensive the treatment can be”.
I will advice you to have a good saving for medial use also it will help you in many ways. Believe me !!!

Love Life

The most important point which we never understand. “LOVE IS A FATAL GAME”. Honestly speaking I have no girlfriend and I have never been in any relationship till now.

”Although I a give lot of Relationship advice to my friends …. Because COACHES do not play”

Researches have also proved that singles are more successful than the one in relationship. You can search about this on you will get your answer. But if you will not get a soulmate then how will you make your next generation. Hence I am not against any girl / boy. I am just telling you that FOCUS on your goals. Some people say that girls are gold diggers but you should also know that girls can also be good entrepreneurs. For example – Opra Winfray.

People should change their mentality.

The primary thing you need to know is that your goal should be important when you are building your empire. Believe me I know many girls and they also know me. But this doesn’t mean that I will have relationship with many girls. They can be your best team members also.

“Go for partnership, not relationship.”


“Don’t run for girls run for goals and girls will run for you.”

(replace girls with men if you are female.) Yes it is very true that you can have a relationship but it will only succeed when you have a high bank balance. It will get you freedom to enjoy or go far a date or if you get married you can for romantic honeymoon. When god will bless you with your baby then you can feed him or her in the most luxurious way. Hence, it can only be possible when you consider high earning is important.


And the last thing which I will like to convince you for is CHARITY. You should do it. It will held others who need your help. And definitely god will bless you….!

I hope you must have got your answer to the question : Is earning a lot of money important? Why?

I would recommend you to read this book "how to win friends and Influence people by Dale Carnegi" it will help you to improve your communication skills.

I would like to apologize if I have written anything which has hurt anybody.

Thank You