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How to hire Employee

To hire somebody for a task is really a difficult task, isn’t it? Yes of course even I personally find it the most difficult part of my organisation. When I was 16 years old I stared my own online business and my first employee was . Yes and it is really very loyal employee. It will always show you correct result and make you feel informative. My business failed and then for one year I was not making even a dollar. I passed my formal education and as I was a average student I didn’t had much to be successful of. I opened my second business when I was 18 years old which is still running and pays me around 9% of my income.

I didn’t needed any employ so far because I was managing this business on my own through my laptop. I had a small store room in my house which was my office and still it is my office till today. I feel very successful whenever I sit in that room. I have 4 more business i.e. total of 5 business right now paying me a million $.

My first business was a failure. But I still consider it a success because it taught me how to do business online. My 3rd business needed a good team because it is related to sales and it cannot be done alone. I started Kuipper Industries with three of my friends. Kuipeer was also a failure at first and we almost lost all hope to handle the failure. We were four and the reason is that we didn’t knew about how to administer the organisation. I will tell you about my other 2 business in my next blog. So stay tuned. Here are some tips I would like to share with you “How to hire Employee.” I have 82 employees now and we are making profit up to 22% per annum.


Before you hire someone better know that he or she should be  better than you. If you are the CEO, CFO, CTO etc etc. whatever. Better be sure that the combination shouldn’t match. The employee should be smarter than you.