Who is a CEO ....?

CAUTION : Highly Informative.

Google says : A chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive in a company, whose primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors.

But if I ask you ..... Do you thing this definetion defines it correctly....? 

Maybe your answer will be "yes !" ... But my answer will be, "No, I disagree".

          A month ago this topic came into my mind and I had a great curosity to just know who is a CEO. whenever I saw any corporate movie in which big building and large infrastructures were shown. It lit a fire in me that one day I will have my own "BUSINESS". A few moment later a man surrounded by guards came off his car and was getting into the large building. It was fascinating to see this scene. Do you know who he was .... yes you guessed right ... "He is the CEO". 
        The scene which I was seeing was the successful part of the movie. But I wanted to know from which background this CEO belongs to. I mean was be born with a silver spoon or is a self made millionare or a billionare. And the best part is that this particular CEO was born in a lower middle class family or rather the poor class family. 
       Isn't it an inspiring part. As the movie was not a fiction one it had all non - fiction script. It is the story of a man, a comman boy who had big dreams. 

      So, let me get back to the topic : "A CEO is not the presiding officer in real he is the hardest working worker of the organisation." 

"Taking care of each other. United States Navy are perhaps are the most elite warriors in the entire world. ... And once the officers was asked  , 'Who makes it through the selection process, Who is able to become a CEO ?'  
And his answer was : I cannot tell you the kind of person who makes it through buds. but i can tell you the kind of people who dont become a CEO. He says the guys who shows up with huge bulding muscles. Covered with tatoos who want to prove to the world how tough they are .... NONE OF THEM BECOME THE CEO. He said the guys who shows that the can take up all the responsiblites ... None of them become a CEO.

He says the some of the guys who make it through were skinny and black, they can be seen shivering out of fear. He says however all the guys who make them through who find themselves physically spent, emotionally spelt, when they had nothing left in theit life became the CEO."    
Simon Sinek
full video : https://youtu.be/7jXsuVnqbXI

       The ceo is not a common man or a lady. They are warriors from inside. They know how to dodge the situation. They have the ability to synergize. They are the real heroes of the Organisation. No matter they are black, white, brown, dull etc. I hope you must have got your answer.
Now if you want to know complete qualities of a CEO. Then you are at the right place. Stay tuned .......

The primary qualities of CEO are listed below. If you have these then congratulations. but if you dont have then I have a good news for you, "You can adopt them, thus you can change !"

1. They know how to manage their EGO: 

By converting the toxic energy into positive mindset we can convert our ego into success.

2. Have a thought of humility

Do you know how humility is helpful ? If you dont have humility, you can't bring people together. Without humility, people who disagree with you won't want to do business with you. And you can't have a environment with a lot of different personalities. Thus, humility is an extremely important quality of a great CEO.

3. Being humble and make their team members feel free to speak: 

A good and successful CEO will always be humble. For example if we see Opra Winfray, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk or any other very successful CEO, they have on thing in common, and it is that they are polite and humble to converse with others. 

4. Care for their people:

5. Have a good KNOWLDGE and not the EDUCATION:

I know a secret about you, the best part of your knowledge is that, you dont have any knowledge ! Now, you might be thinking that I have given a very hurting statement. Let me tell you that knowledge is a vast ocean. There is not even a single person on earth who is a scholar with ocean of knowledge. Knowledge is gained everyday, and at every moment. You can gain knowledge from your ones also. 

          "School education is also not required. - Elon musk" This is the right quality of a CEO which I personaly love the most.  

6. Think outside the box.

7. Never behave like a boss, rather they behave and acts like a leader: 

The main thing which we will find common in most unsuccessful CEO's is their behaviour like a BOSS. It is good to be a boss of your own, but its never good to use this position as a medium to torment or overuse anybody. 

8. They have good character and has good manners to respect opposite sex: 

"Being a male is the matter of birth, Being a man is the matter of age, BUT being a gentleman is a matter of choice." 

Yes, everybody has self respect and a man as a CEO should be very much concerned about his own character to respect other sex. 

9. They are great at asking Question. 

10. They like getting feedback, and can even accept criticisms as an opportunity to grow more: 

"The opportunities for negative comments about CEO's is to emerging thought of the roof - Brian Kroop" 

You guys should know one thin that the number of haters are always more than the number of appreciators. First and foremost, CEOs need to take any criticism thrown their way head on, Kroop said. In most cases, Leaders who try to ignore or deflect negative feedbacks are likely digging themselves a deeper hole, one that could potentially come with serious consequences for the companies they lead. They should use these feedbacks as the indication of god to lead them in the righ direction.  

11. They know the wakness of the organisation.  

12. They are very punctual , and even in some case CEO are found to be the first one in the office and the last one to leave the office: 

The CEO should be the hardest worker in the room. Thy should be super punctual in all aspects. They should be the first one to be there in any meeting. This will give a boost to the workers of the organisation. This quality acts as a source of MOTIVATION for others. 

13. Good communication skills: 

Having good communication skill is a blessing. But it can be learnt in life. Warren Buffet learnt communication skills and public speaking when he was in his 20s, and he became so confident that he even proposed his girlfriend. Who later became his wife.

14. They read a lot: 

The easiest way of becoming expert in any skill is "READING". The Successful CEO's read a lot of books and then they use these knowledge in their work, which helps them gain success.

15. They love learning even from their junior employees.

I dont think we need any other extra explanation for these points. But i would like to mention some highly successful CEO or rather the leaders

The top 5 CEO's of the world are (According to Forbes):

1. Sunda Pichai - The CEO of Google
2. Elon Musk - The CEO of Tesla, Spacex etc.
3. Satya Nadella - The CEO of Microsoft
4. Jeff Bezos - The CEO of Amazon.com 
5. Mark Zukerberg - The CEO of Facebook

 I think anybody can choose to be CEO, "Yes" you can also be one.

      Thank you