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        William Somerset Maugham was born on 25th January 1874 in Paris. Right from his childhood days he has special interest towards writing. He became the most popular writer of his time and even was paid highest among writers during 1930. At the age of 10, having lost his parents he was raised by his paternal uncle. However he didn't had good emotions connected with his uncle who hardly bothered about what he wanted to be in his life.

It's interesting to know how Maugham (We address by title in literature ) took fancy to write even when there was continuous family pressure to become a lawyer continuing the family tradition. As story goes about, he hated becoming lawyer like other man of the family. Then he could not even become a Paster due to his stammering. Finally he settled with the choice of taking up medical science. It was only after this he actually thought of doing of what he desired, "Studied Literature ". Now Maugham found love of his life and hereafter he went on writhing endlessly. He wrote great numberbogpf book thereby becoming one of the greatest writers of his time.
        At the age of 16 Maugham had already felt his call for literature. Before he became an adult he already discovered that he is writing things which people love the most. In 1987, 'Lisa of Lambeth' was published. The first novel of his got an astonishing response. Despite the story being a story of adultry (external marital affairs) his certainly encouraged him in the world of literature .

" I took it as duck takes to water ."

       Before he died in 1965,the author had by then achieved a class of his own. Following his own step he even instituted awards for young authors after his name. In 1947 the Somerset Maugham Award for any wrier at the age of of 35. For a work of fiction. Such was his live for literature that on his death. He donated all his "ROYALTIES" , to literature fund. The story Salvatore is a wonderful story by him to have got him great amount appreciation for his insight into life. Not only does this story give us the refkection of his great novel like "Of Human Bondage"  and "The Moon and Six Pence" but also it reminds the world about existence of great virtues virtues like goodness. In the wide world of atheism (believe that no god is there) and materialism , the author saw that Skepticism was spreading its wings rapidly. People would hardly believe in the presence of divinity and his presence in all things around us.
       A certain kind of pessimism was observed in the surrounding. Human capability is to conquer evil and human weakness was doubted upon. It is around this atmosphere and time this story was written to counter the strong influence of disappointment emerging from wrong trends to stabilize the human world of love and peace.
         The story stabilize the perception that ordinary life ine an ordinary setting with realisation of goodness is equal to perfect life with satisfaction and happiness.
      "Salvatore", is an Italian fisherman and ordinary fisherman born in a simple fisherman family on the Islands of Ischia. The author takes of the story of Salvatore to prove of the theory that every human being with the simplest of characteristics can become a positive force in a world provided the person following the percepts of goodness in each aspect of his life. By making this Masterpiece character Maugham want to set a standard in his effort to explain how each one of us would be morally right and become various elements of goodness like Salvatore. When the story begins the author is surprisingly different from the other traditional authors, instead of his starting with some background observation or information he would like to notice his concern.

" I wonder if I can do it".

       This line suggest a mission which the author would like to accomplish through this story certainly he has some fears as to the communities of his story to have the impact upon the readers. Hence he would like to straight away tell us how he feels about the story. Definitely there is some purpose implicated behind this line which would he proved write when the author will again draw out attention trying to prove what he had said in the beginning.
     The author is the narrator as well claiming to have known Salvatore when he was a boy 15 with the present place a laughing mouth and a cheerful eyes .The very first description is an indication of how the author would like to go about his mission unlike other authors this one became a narration of a personality trying to search for extra ordinary was in a very ordinary person.

     "He was Full of Grace."
     This statement is an acceptance of a Theory or a theorem in trying to find some extraordinary quality is Maugham takes us for a tour in an out of Salvatore life. The position of gratefulness is something which is doubtless uncommon and here at divine.
     As the story proceeds I had the author opens are various threats of a beautiful fabric Salvatore.  First he comes from a fishing community which also work hard in the best trying to earn its meal. As an integrated member of his family Salvatore was the profit nursemaid to his young brother. he did his best to accomplish to duties people to was his let's not is the use of the word nursemaid. Metaphorically this word encompasses a whole lot of meaning indicating love and care found only among generally women's or the mothers. This feminine or motherly attribute assigned to Salvatore is an example of how the man possesses something unique and exemplary.
     Now the author comes to discuss youthfulness of Salvatore as the centre of focus for a while he takes up this matter just to indicate normally in everyone's life as would be the case, Salvatore falls in love with the prettiest girl who lives on the Grand De Marina. So,Romantic are the description about this girl that no one would deny Salvatore not falling for her.

"She had eyes like forest pools,
And held herself like a daughter
Of the Ceasers."

     It so came to be that they wear soon engaged and become dedicated to each other. But they could not marry till Salvatore has done his military services no the author brings a issue which clearly present a scene in which love 😘 story the most common one emerges.   expecting separation and its pain Salvatore wept bitterly like a child. Ever since he was on the seas in the Navy of "King Victoria Emmanuel"t was hard for him to spend single moment not thinking about his lady love😍. Throughthe his service in the navy he would be love in his reveries. Not only did it harden the knot of love between Salvatore and his lady love but it also provide that he was indeed made for her and vice - versa. He would not miss writing letters to her trying to express his love.

"He was dreadfully homesick. But it was hardest of all to be  aparted from the girl he loved with all his passionate young heart."

    Here comes a stage in Salvatore life which would undoubtedly bring about his changing impact in his life. At times life seems to be so predictable with our desires getting fulfilled the way we want. Then life looks romantic and we are comfortable with life we have. But we certainly forget the mystery of life that life is never predictable and it is just an illusion that we are surrounded by things desired. Maugham discusses this mystery and unpredictability of life. He came across a very unwelcome thing of his life which woukd shatered all his dream about love and passion.

" He fell ill of some misterious ailments,
That kept him in hospital for months.... When he learnt that it was a form of rheumatism that made him unfit he did not bother. "

     Lets observation how Salvatore faced his bitter reality of his sickness. To any common man this would result in disaster. Life would come to halt. Patient woukd fail specially from the knowledge that you are not fit for a normal life anymore. But all these do not make any difference here for Salvatore. Instead he became more lively in his expectations to get back home much before time. He found in it a moment of luck to see his family and lady love. But the question is is life waiting for him on the other side of the seas with equal hope and happiness ?
      Hardly had he stepped on his native land having spent painful days on the seas when he found to his shocking discovery that life had something in stored for him and this was certainly not what he had wished for. Not only did he found the girl, rude out on him but he also discovered that things had completely changed and was the only one who was unaware of the development caused by his owner sickness.

"She told him straight out,
With the blunt, directness of her
Race that she could not marry a man
Who would never bestrkng enough
To work like a man ".

     In such circumstances of troubled scenario Salvatore chose something extra external and permanent. Instead of struggling to prove his love it took a part which would seem extraordinary. Normally keeping the way of life. Despite search. Expressions from his lady love heat is displayed deep patients not responding to what he should have as common human being. But then he is different and equally good at his interpretation of issues of a normal life. He knew very well that a girl could not afford to marry a man who might not be able to support her. He never said a hard word .Why would he ? A true love is not expected to tarnish the dignity of a love.
     This provides the story of Salvatore , mentioning how frankly and genuinely , he went about facing all that came his way. He wasn't overreacting. Neither was he frozen to death. Rather he went on a track where he evolved into a man ready to face more mysteries of life. It is true indeed that when you are out of certain part of life, another one opens its gate for you. This transition has to be smooth and you can't complain after all, we are all humans beings.
     Hardly had Salvatore busied himself in matters of his daily concerns , he came across Assunta. He was yet rid to get away from the memories of a pretty girl , there came a proposal providing him with a opportunity to have a beautiful perceptions of his life other than what he had already seen as a teenager. Life is never constant. It is a good thing to accept the dynamics which regularly operates in one's life. This is where Salvatore succeeds. He is a person who does not rejects ordinary things to be ignored. Be is a character who loves exploring beauties of his life in simplicity of every day life.
       Respecting his philosophy of life. He follows the instruction of his mother who have brought the possibility of Assunta being a wife. Salvatore, instead creatingbmore fuss and debates over this matter, once to have a first hand experience of a women of the village. On one sunday, he decides to have a look of the lady. This is interesting indeed to note how he would react having seen her.

"She is as ugly as a devil."

      Assunta would certainly not be a good choice given this fact that Salvatore haden't called her beautiful rather, she was older than him and worse still. She had been engaged to a man who had been killed in Africa while doing his millitry service. All!these matters a lot in way of marriage. Certainly a man who was an admisor of beauty and had the prettiest girl for his first love ; it wasent going to be  ordinary task altogether . But Maugham is a wonderful story wrier and he wouldn't be so ordinary in his display of character. On the contrary , he would surprise the readers by his craftsmanship.
       As such Salvatore became the most unexpected hero for himself. Maugham surprised us with a reality which a true marriage seeks to achieve. Marriage are much more than the superficial aspects of life. The  two people comming together for lifelong partnership needs better understanding of personalities and life. The theory that union between Salvatore and Assunta was going to be extremely successful and define in based on the belief that both were made for eachn other.

 "Salvatore was now a great husky fellow,
Tall and broad, still with that ingenous mind
And those trusting , kindly eyes that he had  as a boy.
He had the most beautiful manners ... Assunta had good heart
And she was no fool ... She never ended being touched by Salvatore gentle sweetness."

       It was a hard life though. Maugham does not want us to believe that this measure brought immeasurable happiness. Infact, now began their true life together. Salvatore despite his physical infermities, went out gathering food and resources as would a proper husband do. He walked tirelessly with his brothers and didn't complained going out to seas fishing. He inspired himself fulfilling all the demands of a good husband and of an able father to his children. Often his rheumatism prevented him from doing anything stall but he would go on without pretending and without complaining.
      As a father, the story shows him in total devotion towards his duties. There wouldn't be a moment when he would be sad or rude to his children. Life does not come in a complete package of happiness. There is never a perfect an ideal situation for everything. Instead we have to make it as near as possible sublime. Given the fact that Salvatore wasent the richest or the most able man in the village ; what he did as a father was undoubtly a great achievement for any father far his children.

"His laughter was like the laughter of an angel,
His eyes then were as candid as his child"

       Having saidnallmthis, let's now get back to the person of Salvatore once more. We began analysing his life with evaluation of his qualities one by one. We also observe now he turned unfavourable circumstances intknhaloy moments of life . bpBeskdes he is not a superman in any public eye and examination. He is simply a normal human being who lived despite many challenges of his life. What is most noteworthy throught is his philosophy of life. Never did he complain about any of his difficulties. Rather he made himself stringer with each difficult experience of his beach, they judged him wrong for his lazy and relaxed life. Hardly did they know that he was been normal with all his comforts around him.
       When the story starts Maugham had presented a situation - "I wonder if I could do it." When the author had said it he was in dilemma. He was not sure about what he was upto. The story of Salvatore was not a extraordinary plot. But it had to be a simple narration of Salvatore a good man. Goodness in certainty and the rest of virtues even today. This portrait of Salvatore is a message that every person filled with goodness will be a source of happiness and inspiration for oneself and for everyone else.

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