"Be the change you want to see." - Mahatama Gandhi

          Yes ELON MUSK has proved these words. Elon is an African born INVESTOR, ENGINEER and ENTREPRENEURE. He is the man who handles the tension and loves solving problems. He has donr things which seemed imposible to be done. I am sure that you must have heard about TESLA MOTORS, SPACEX, SOLAR CITY, Zip2, Pay Pal etc. Yes these are founded directly and some indirectly by this great man only. He is the one who takes criticism very seriously. Seriously doesn't mean that he takes it negatively, it means he takes it as an opportunity. 
In this article you will come to know completly about this REAL LIFE IRON MAN. I suggest you that if you are a real entrepreneure or if you want to be an entrepreneure in future then after reading this you will get 90% idea of how to be successful, and the rest 10% you have to get up and do it. This article is going to be very motivating and informative. You will come to know how entrepreneures are differnt from businessman? How this simple man who did things in a very extraordinary way has changed the lives of many and will remain changing in future? 

According to "forbes" Elon is currently the  21st richest man in the world and is one the most powerful man on the planet. 

But remember that he wasen't rich from birth. He was born in a MIDDLE CLASS family, with lots of family problems. 

So, 47 years ago on 28th June, Elon Musk was born in Pretoria-South Africa. His father's name is Errol Musk who was a Engineer and a pilot also. His mother, Maye Musk was a model and a dietician. At the 10years of his (Elon) age he came to know about computers and he was very much interested towards it. No sooner than he go  a computer for himself he learnt coding and made a game known as "BLASTAR" which he sold to a company know as PC and OFFICE TECHNOLOGIES. He got $500 then. It was his first earning and that must have motivated him to go for more. 

When Elon was youg he used to read the books of ISAAC ASIMOV, which were really very informative and gave him lot of knowledge about technology. And he grabbed the opportunity to go more further in life. 

Elon hold the degree in Physics and Economics. He studied in the queen university and then also studied in the University of Pensalvania. Then he moved to United States, California to persue PhD. in BSc. But three days ofter the college he dropped out and went chased his dream.

This "Dropping out" is something which always touches me and even I wonder that shall I also Drop Out????? Hahahaha...... Ok lets get back.....But I will think about it !!!

In 1995 he started a Software Company named as ZIP2 (To know more about Zip2 Click Here). He sold Zip2 to COMPAQ in $307 Million. 

He held 7% of the stake in the company and got $22 Million.

WOW.... He became a millionare..... Isn't it really very fantastic and inspirational.......

Then in 1999 he invest a heavy amount of X.com which assisted financial services. It became agrat success of its time and still active. He also founded PayPal with his brother which was buyed by eBay in 2002. And still Elon Musk was the gratest Stake holder of the company. 

From Ordinary to Success- 

This is where his further story began. I bet if anybody else would have got this much amount of money then he would have definitely spent those money rather than investing. Elon Didn't did what others do. He just did the opposite, yes he invested the money in a good way. Although he buyed McLarden and Privae Jet. Most people call that he didn't invested money in this rather he had spent on it. But I believe that he did very good, he buyed to jet to travel faster. Anyways, he was successful in his investment. 

Electric Car company named as Tesla was Founded by Elon in collaboration with three other people. He became the CEO (Click here to know how to become a good CEO.) of Tesla after he had invested $80Million in the company. At, first the TV shows like Top Gear gave very negative reviews about the the company but Elon Musk fought through it and never payed attention to those reviews. Now it is none of the fact that Tesla Motors is a success giant and is the most influential company of all times. In 2015 Prime Minister of the republic of India Sri. Narendra Modi also visited the factort and had a meeting with Elon Musk. Elon musk had pomised that he will bring Electric card in India very soon. 

Other of Tesla's Competators like Porche and AstinMartin are also in panic about the things that Elon is doing. Porche has also launched an electric car in answer to Tesla's Electric cars. 

SpaceX -

Elon also founded the SpaceX by the investment of $100 Million. This SpaceX is the only company which seemed to have no future in the long run. But this theory became wrong and the success of SpaceX is something which still keeps on pushing Elon to go for more. 

I am also impressed with SpaceX persionally. SpaceX had faced three failure launched in the beginning of its time. This company is the first company which is working for humanity and has a goal to go to mars. 

"Made on Earth by Humans"-SpaceX

Elon Musk in a interview confirmed that he will be sending humans on the Mars by 2030. It is really fascinating. Oh My God......

Solar City :

He is also the co-founder of the Solar City. Which again is serving for the environment. Solar City is the second largest company in US which is working seriously in the the field of reneuable energy. They have installed many plants in the UNITED STATES and in other countries as well. 
"He serves for humanity"

In December 2015 he started a company named as Open AI which is working in the field of artificial intelligence for the betterment of humanity. 


I wonder how these people are so much successful? But it's a truth that they all share one thing in common and that is Failure. This failure is used as a fuel by them in order to succeed further in life. They never complanin about anything and keep on solving the problems, as he is doing with the the help of Tesla, Solar City and SpaceX etc. This man is the real inspiration of all time and is considered as the Second most revolutionary person on the planet after Steve Jobs. In the end I Would only like to give you one advice is that "Keep working hard, Taste failures, and Never Give Up."
Thank you 

CEO kuipeer