What is old money and new money - Which is better?

Well, today we are going to discuss a topic on old money  and new money . Old money is a form of inheritance or a gift to the next generation. On the other hand, new money is nascent created wealth. Rather the first generation is rich and wealthy. Yes, I regard them as nascent wealth   because they are not yet completely developed. They are immature in short. But not so immature . Confused? Well, we will discuss it in detail further. Stay tuned. So, today’s post will be something that is going to be unique and very educational. [ a value time investment ] The good news is that very few people know about the difference between old money and new money. And the best part is that after this article you will not be among them. You will be far ahead of them in this regard. Part of the minority club of financial literacy. Still with me? Let's begin! Let's decode OLD MONEY! OLD MONEY Well… old money , as I told you are the one who inherits . They pass on the wealth to the next generati

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