Who is a leader? 6 points to prove the argument!

Leaders are not born they are made. This is the quality which is times immortal Needless to say that we see leaders in every part and moment of our life. A leader is the master of the ship. He is decisive and he knows where he is going. His goals and purposes are well clearly defined. Not only in the military but a simple school program or a small local team for a particular sport will witness leaders. Well, without much ado let me come to the point of discussion for today. TEAM SPIRIT Needless to say that all tasks can not be done alone if you are working in a team. Hence, let me make it clear that if a person is able to integrate all members together for a common goal then he or she is a great leader. In the world of total ambiguity, a true leader knows how to make people integrated for a common goal and mission. It is obvious that some of the team members are rebellious at times and we can witness some of them in our daily life too. But the art of leadership is to manage them. LOYAL

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