How to start building assets and how to build assets that is solid

From the content creators perspective, I must make it transparent that there is no such one night scheme that can make a person rich/wealthy. How to strat building assets that gain solid returns! Building asset is a slow, solid and gradual process. It's our misfortune that we live in a society where we are not at all taught about financial education especially in our school days. In my opinion,  it is done purposely so that we will have a  middle class in our society  and they will be the ones who will pay the most taxes. Just kidding ….!😂😎 Even I am not super-wealthy in order to give you wisdom on how to create wealth over time. But I am someone who is like-minded ,  and every day I am learning new things which can or are bringing change in my life. So you can feel free  and undoubted while reading this article on asset building. So, let's begin the journey of understanding what is an asset? How we can create assets? Types of assets? Who can own an asset? And how can we sca

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