Business and Emotions! Both doesn't goes together

Well, It is not accurate to say that all businessmen are emotionless. Like any other group of people, businessmen, and businesswomen vary in their emotional expressions and personalities. While some individuals may appear more reserved or focused on their professional goals, it doesn't mean they lack emotions altogether. Are businessmen Emotionless? Business deals with cash and it has the nature to flow in some direction. Making emotional decisions superseding the practical data may sabotage the business. Nevertheless, there are some businessmen who make great decisions. In my opinion, decision-making is the major skill to drive profit from the market. However, certain factors in the business world can contribute to the perception of businessmen being less emotional in certain contexts: Professionalism and Objectivity Being professional is an art! In business, it is often important to make rational decisions based on objective analysis rather than being driven solely by emotions. T

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