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Money is a tool not just a piece of paper. I hear people saying that, ‘ Money is the root of all evil. ’ But it’s completely false. It should be, ‘ Having no money is the root of all evil ’. Similarly, a proper financial planning is vitally important for each individual. No matter whatever or whoever you are. The main purpose of a budget plan is to allocate the resources, a proper future planning, coordination, control and financial motivation. A proper budgeting and financial planning is important for decision making, monitoring the back bone (Economy) of the business and the expenditures also. But the question now arises about, How to make a budget plan? And there is nothing big to do in order to make a budget. How to make a Budget Plan? If you are searching for, How to make a budget plan? Then search no more ! I have clear answers for you. I am not going to tell those tactics which are difficult and could not be followed. The following which I mentioned is well researc

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