The Ultimate List of Ambience in Office Do's and Don'ts

To be more productive a proper environment is necessary. At the time of the pandemic, it was very well proved that Work From home is an emergency option and hence cannot be a replacement for the office at all. Nevertheless, it has provided the facility to dodge if the situation doesn’t permit me to go for offline work. However, a proper environment is very well needed to execute the action in a proper way. So, in order to gain maximum productivity from your employees, it is necessary that you give a proper place of work to them. Hence I have pointed out some of the factors which need to be considered. Let’s begin! AMBIENT LIGHTING Ambient lighting is essentially any type of lighting that is not directed at the plants. There are many different types including ambient fluorescent lights, soft white, cool white, warm white, colour temperature, and some others. In general, if the lighting is too bright and direct, then it will cause stress to the plants and they will have less productivity

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